An ice cream challenge you won’t believe

Ultimate Splurge

At I Live For Dessert in Tracy, there is a long list of ice creams, milkshakes, smoothies, and other desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. But one menu item stands out from the rest. The Ultimate Splurge is an over-sized dessert with a built in food challenge for those who think they can complete it. Spoiler alert: no one has yet.

The monster mountain of ice cream includes 15 scoops of ice cream (flavors chosen at random), six huge cookies, six organic cherries, six gigantic marshmallows, ¼ cup of sprinkles, ¼ cup of chocolate syrup, and three bananas. “Everything is big,” Owner Connie Welshonse says. While most come in and share the creation with a group of people—or at least two—there is an opportunity to take it on yourself and be crowned the first winner of the Ultimate Splurge Challenge. If you down the whole thing in 20 minutes without losing it—you know what we mean—you’ll get a $15 gift card and a shop shirt, plus bragging rights. Connie has a couple of tips for going the distance, including coming in with an empty stomach and not letting the ice cream hit your back teeth, which can cause an ice cream headache. Some food challenge extraordinaries say further preparation can help—try stretching your stomach out the week before taking on the challenge by eating salad.

Whether you’re taking the challenge or simply want to enjoy this one-of-a-kind dessert with a couple of friends, you do get to make a couple of choices. Choose between chocolate or peanut butter cookies and opt for limited ingredient ice creams to meet certain diet restrictions.

Red Call Out/Price Tab//$45

Take the challenge:
I Live For Dessert
807 N. Central Ave., Tracy
(209) 222-4737

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