K&T Lights illuminates the big benefits of landscape lighting

Shine a Light on Your Yard

There are a lot of ways to bring light into your yard. In the winter months, when daylight savings brings sundown before dinner, there are even more benefits to adding lights to outdoor spaces. In the backyard, these lights are often used for entertaining purposes, but font yard lights have benefits, too. Instead of letting early evenings cause you to turn in while the weather is still nice, outdoor lighting keeps your outdoor space inviting later into the night. Stay out and visit with neighbors, enjoy a glass of wine with your spouse on the front porch, or let the kids play outside a bit longer. Read on to learn the other reasons K&T Lights Owner Kyle May recommends landscape lighting to customers.

A lit-up front yard deters burglars, it’s the facts. “Studies show that a well-lit house is less likely to have a burglar attempt to come to your property,” Kyle says. But safety doesn’t stop at potential crime. A dark yard is also more hazardous to maneuver. For example, if you’re coming home late, lighted steps and walkways mean you’re less likely to trip over unseen hazards or your own landscaping.

Something about light fixtures in a front yard just make a home shine brighter—pun intended. “Proper installed landscaping lights can significantly enhance the beauty of your property,” Kyle says. At night, a few lights can truly make the difference, giving you a lot of bang for very little buck. “We always recommend LED landscaping lights. They are brighter and run 90 percent less on your PG&E,” Kyle says. Keep in mind the age-old adage “you get what you pay for.” According to Kyle, the biggest misconception he sees are customers attempting to DIY a landscaping package from a big box store, but it’s just not going to come out the same as a professional’s work.

Home value.
The two reasons listed above are also the two reasons that outdoor lighting can add to the value of your home. Homeowners value curb appeal and safety, especially when moving into a new neighborhood where you may be uncertain. When you increase both of these, you also increase the potential monetary value of your home.

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