Christmas Dinner is Served: Fat City Brew & BBQ expands its catering menu for the holidays

Did you agree to cater a holiday party for too many folks? Does the idea of cooking for your entire family feel daunting in the face of COVID-19? Have no fear, Fat City Brew & BBQ is here! The culinary team long known for turning out mouth-watering barbecue in Stockton is ready to take over the reins of your holiday party, with an expanded holiday menu that includes bigger meats, more options, and an easy to navigate ordering system.

“Our catering menu is a little different in December than what it is year round. We add to our selections of meats,” says Don King, owner of Fat City. “You can still get anything on the catering menu, now you just have more to choose from.”  The most noteworthy additions are a smoked ham, smoked whole turkey, and prime rib in generous sizes—four to six pounds for the ham, 12 to 14 pounds for the turkeys, and bone-in or bone-out prime ribs sold by the pound. There’s even an option for turkey breast only, sold in five-pound increments. “The smoker definitely gets a workout,” Don says.

The big meats come in from different vendors—staff works with three companies for ordering to ensure they can get enough of what they need to satisfy customers. After all, those Christmas orders don’t exactly trickle in. “We’ve had as many as 70 orders for pick up before noon on Christmas Eve,” Don says. Plus, Fat City only requires a three day notice for holiday orders (and 24 hours for regular orders).

What really sets these dishes apart, however, is the prep work. Anyone can buy a hunky piece of meat for the dinner table, but Don and his crew trim and brine the turkeys, rinse them, and apply a specialty rub you can’t get anywhere else. As the meat cooks, even more flavor is forced into the meats thanks to the smoking woods Don hand selects for the smoker. “All the meats are smoked and taken to their correct  internal temperature,” Don says. So just say no to complicated math problems while trying to finish the perfect Thanksgiving turkey—how long do you keep this thing in again?!

All of the catering items are offered per meat or per size. Sides are served in terms of amount of people it serves to take the guessing out of the process. For example, you can grab a tray of mac ‘n cheese for 15 or turkey for 20. Or, depending on the shindig, grab green salad, coleslaw, chili beans, or the restaurant’s coveted cornbread muffins to serve alongside those centerpiece meats.

Don is also clear that when it comes to a customer’s desires, the crew will do everything they can to realize those wishes. “Like, if someone wanted dino ribs for eight, we will make them. It’s not something on our normal menu, but we will do it,” Don says. And that goes for the menu’s smoked fried chicken, too. “All our wonderful customers have to do is ask and I am sure we can find a way to accommodate their needs.”

If you’ve been convinced to hand the cooking duties over to Don, simply call or step into Fat City to place your order, or order online at Choose from convenient options including pick-up, delivery, or full catering services where Fat City will stay behind and help serve the grub you’ve ordered.”  We want to share our good food with everyone,” Don says. “Family is first and foremost on our minds at Fat City Brew & BBQ.”

Don’s Perfect Pairings

Don helps you create the perfect holiday menu with his suggestions for meat and a side.

Pair turkey with mac ‘n cheese and corn bread muffins 

Pair ham with coleslaw

Pair prime rib (bone-in or bone-out) with baked potatoes

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