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Have your cocktail and eat it too at Frosted Flour

If you’re craving a new way to kick back with a cocktail, ditch the glass and order yourself some spiked cupcakes from Frosted Flour in Lodi. Owner Lisa Hassett has transformed all your favorite cocktails into decadent desserts for some 21-and-older indulgence.

According to Lisa the inspiration for these cupcakes started with Lodi’s love for wine. “Being from Lodi, you can’t help but be around all the wineries and our customers are always going to events in Downtown Lodi and other wine events,” Lisa says. Not to mention that her own pantry is overflowing with unopened bottles that gave her lots of options when she began testing recipes. “It was a lot of trial and experimentation and some of them turned out horrible,” she admits, “but some of them turned out really, really good.”

Of those original tests, one did stick: pink champagne, a very light, white cake. And the success inspired Lisa to try her hand at other alcohol-centric cupcake recipes. She now offers eight different spiked cupcake flavors: Margarita, Lemon Drop, Mudslide, White Russian, Galliano, 50/50 Bar, Pink Champagne, and Piña Colada. “A lot of the alcohol bakes out, but you will still get the flavor in there and we accent it with the frosting to make it sweet,” she says. 

Lisa’s Picks

A favorite for bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, and other 21-and-old events, all of the spiked cupcake flavors are available year-round, but Lisa has three suggestions for this time of year.


In Lisa’s favorite spiked cupcake, the cake’s espresso flavor is paired with vodka, kalua, and Irish cream for an aromatic take on this cocktail. Topped with a swirl of chocolate buttercream (made with a splash of either kalua or Irish cream), the cupcake is finished off with a fudge drizzle and a light dusting of espresso powder. 

White Russian

The base of this yellow cake is made with milk and pudding for a moist and fluffy texture. Lisa then adds kalua and vodka to the mix and tops the cupcakes with a kalua whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Pink Champagne

Customers can pick their preferred champagne, so the final flavor – whether it’s sweet or dry – is up to you, making the pink champagne cupcake a flexible favorite. Of all the spiked cupcakes, this is the one with the most subtle flavor, so Lisa recommends this cake for anyone after a light flavor.


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