1-Click Car Buying

Car Buying is easier than ever before

Buying a car has rarely been easy. It’s time consuming, it’s stressful, and some people feel like they are being taken advantage of. Car dealerships in San Joaquin County work hard to make the car buying process easier, and to reassure customers they  aren’t working to screw anyone over, but it isn’t always enough to put the buyer’s mind at ease. The newest technology in 1-Click Car Buying, however, may just make buying a car the easiest it’s ever been.

Using 1-Click car buying systems allows buyers to complete much of the process online, and not in the face of a sales associate. It’s a model spearheaded by Tesla and then adopted and adapted by other big names like BMW, Porsche, and Cadillac. This cuts down on time spent at a dealership and gives a buyer the time and space to evaluate their decisions from the comfort of their home. If you want to test drive vehicles, you will have to step onto a lot. But once you know the vehicle you want to purchase you can shop for that car online as well as complete other steps in the purchase process.  

In times of COVID-19, this fuss-free system has added benefits. For example, you can pick out a new car without stepping foot on a lot. Cars can be picked up after the steps are completed, or the vehicle can be delivered to your home—newly cleaned and disinfected. “It’s fast, safe, and easy to purchase and service your vehicle,” says John Chase, Owner of Chase Chevrolet.

Chase Chevrolet is one of the local spots offering this system, dubbed the Chase Chevrolet EasyPassTM, an online shopping tool that walks buyers through the first several steps of the car buying process. “The safety and convenience this offers our community is incredible. We are providing a better way to buy a new Chevrolet, but more importantly providing our customers with a secure way to purchase anywhere, anytime, from any device,” John says.

With this online system, buyers are able to value their trade, set up payment, and even get pre-approved online. After that, an appointment can be scheduled with the dealership to come in and finish the deal in-person, or you can call and ask about contactless options. The biggest upside is that the online platform is both safe and secure, offering piece of mind for customers.

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