CBD & Your Pet

Humans have been using CBD for a while now to treat health problems that run the gamut, but did you know the cannabinoid has also been linked to benefits for your pet? Whether you’re the parent of an anxious pup or your little dog is suffering from glaucoma, pet-versions of CBD oil could offer some relief.

CBD, like in humans, can be used to treat several ailments in dogs (as well as some other pets). Pet owners, for example, may see noticeable calming effects of the oil in their overly anxious pups. So if your dog terrorizes the house when you’re not home or goes on barking sprees during thunderstorms, a little oil may help calm their nerves.

Another link? CBD oil could also calm pet allergies. Believe it or not, our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies and food sensitivities just like us, caused by an overactive immune system. CBD oil is one way to lessen reactions, such as itchy skin or dermatitis.

CBD is also known for reducing pain. For our senior pups, CBD oil can reduce the pain associated with arthritis or even disease like cancer. More typical treatments include putting dogs on low doses of pain medication to keep arthritic pain at bay, but those pills come with side effects during long-term use. Again, research is limited and studies are sparse, but evidence suggests CBD oil doesn’t offer any side effects for pets.

Lastly, dogs who suffer glaucoma, which is most common in small breeds, may also benefit. It’s the pain-relieving properties that makes CBD a good treatment option, as well as potentially reducing intraocular pressure.

Carter’s Pet Mart sells brands that boast several upsides in one bottle including lessening joint pain, boosting appetite, reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and managing seizures, which means you don’t have to buy multiple oils to treat different issues.

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