Hey Bartender

The art of the cocktail is not lost on us. With the rising popularity of in-home bar carts, you can feel like a master mixologist right in the comfort of your home. Check out these 8 essential tools to ensure your next cocktail party goes off without a hitch.

  1. Bottle Opener

You’ll need a good one to crack open your craft beer with ease.  

  1. Corkscrew

Because you really don’t want to use a shoe to open a nice bottle of wine. Go for a Durand if you have old bottles with a fragile cork

  1. Jigger

If you own a bar, are serving friends, or just want a balanced drink—the jigger is your friend.

  1. Stir Spoon

Do you prefer your drinks stirred over shaken? Us too. Who wants unpleasant chunks of ice in their martini?

  1. Muddler

A good muddler brings out the freshness of herbs, spices, and fruits to add depth to any cocktail

  1. Strainer

This is essential to creating cold, ice-free drinks.

  1. Zester

Because who doesn’t need a little zest to awaken the senses? A quick twist with a good zester is all you need to take your drink to the next level.

  1. A Sharp Knife

An essential tool for all the citrus garnishes: lemon, limes, oranges, and grapefruit!

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