Green With Envy

The Creamery’s over-the-top milkshake

March is the time to indulge in green food  and man have we got a whopper for you! This decadent milkshake, dubbed the Emerald Island, made by the expert ice cream chefs at The Creamery in Stockton will have everyone envious of your dessert. Scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream fill the old-fashion sundae glass, but the true magic happens on top. Generously drizzled—but more like dumped—hot fudge scorches a mound of whipped cream and nuts. But that’s not all—an Oreo and York peppermint patty finish it off, plus the eatery’s signature paper straws. Eat it before it melts! But don’t get a brain freeze. Bonus: The friendly owner Cisco says calories don’t count inside the Creamery.

Get it While it’s Cold:
The Creamery

5756 Pacific Ave. # 3, Stockton
(209) 952-1111

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