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Cryotherapy is now in Stockton! The ProHealth/YUGEN center on Monaco Court opened in January 2019, bringing a new therapy to Stockton residents. Perhaps most famous among Housewives and athletes, cryotherapy has been linked to several health improvements, including stress relief.

Also known as cold therapy, full body cryotherapy uses temperatures as low as -250 degrees Farenheit in a dry environment to provide relief for various symptoms. The media has linked it to improved energy levels, eczema relief, lower stress levels, relief from sore muscles or pain, and even tumor reduction, when combined with traditional medical modalities.

Carolyn Gillard, 40, started going to the YUGEN center in April 2019, and she commits about three to five days each week to the therapy that she credits for curing her eczema, knee pain, and lower back pain. “I love it. It helps quickly,” she says.

Dr. Jim Ptak, who has a doctorate in education with specialties in Somatics and Phenomenology brought the therapy to his existing wellness center with the Cryosauna Recovery XR machine. He also offers everything from martial arts to therapeutic float tubs. He says cryotherapy works best when combined with other modalities. He personally works with clients to identify ailments and goals may they be pain relief or reduced stress. Then, he puts together a custom plan to work toward that goal combining physical fitness HIIT programs, cryotherapy, float tubs, sports conditioning, somatic therapy, indigenous-based well-being, diet, and more. At the Yugen center, Stress Reduction And Rejuvenation (S.T.A.R.) is one of the main objectives.

Chris Owens, 57, started seeing Dr. Ptak after he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spine that can cause nerve issues and become particularly painful. Spinal stenosis is not something that’s widely talked about but is a common condition that primarily affects people when they are older. If you’d like to learn more about Chris’ condition, or suspect you may be suffering from spinal stenosis yourself, head over to Dr. Tony Mork’s website where free phone consultations and more information is available. In May, Chris had been told he needed surgery to fix his stenosis, but after six months of cryotherapy treatment, combined with other treatments at the YUGEN center, Chris has been able to postpone his surgery. “The cryotherapy is amazing but Jim, he is the guru on your body,” Chris says. “He’s taught me how to eat properly so the inflammation won’t occur and the cryotherapy takes down the inflammation… It also gives you energy.” Chris says he does cryotherapy a minimum of four times per week, at two-and-a-half to three minutes per session. “You come out feeling like a brand-new person.”

What to Expect:

Dr. Ptak starts by evaluating patients to best determine their needs. Then, a routine is created to benefit them. Many patients participate in HIIT training first, to elevate their heart rate. They may also be given oxygen at this time. The combination of these two treatments plus the cryotherapy pushes oxygen to the center of the body providing better results from the machine, Dr. Ptak explains.

When it comes time for cryotherapy, patients step into the cryo machine, operated by a licensed technician. Safety features include 24/7 monitoring by the parent company-who can turn off the machine remotely at any time-as well as on-site monitoring by the registered tech. This particular machine can only be opened by the tech, using her fingerprints, which ensures no one is ever accidentally trapped in the machine. Throughout the duration of your treatment, which typically lasts anywhere from one to three minutes, the machine can be opened at any time. Plus, your head is never inside of the machine. A stack of mats is used so the machine works for people of all heights and claustrophobic users don’t have to worry.

Try it Yourself:
American ProHealth – Yugen
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