An Elegant Fall Tablescape

When it comes to fall décor, it’s all about bringing autumnal beauty indoors. But that doesn’t necessarily mean decorating with brightly colored pumpkins and amber leaves. There are many beautiful seasonal colors and textural elements that can be used to create a tablescape that isn’t orange and green. And since fall is the season of gathering, we thought it would be fun to put together a not-so-traditional fall design.

Yellows, oranges, greens, and browns are usually the first colors that come to mind when one thinks of a fall color palette, but thinking outside of the box and using other sophisticated earthy tones like plum, wine, burgundy, and mauve will bring a unique and trendy flair to your fall table decor.

When setting your table, consider using a mixture of new and old items. Solid cream-colored dinner and salad plates add a touch of modernity and balance, while vintage glasses add a hint of timeless charm and elegance.

Working within the same color scheme when choosing your accent pieces will bring continuity to the table. Rose gold utensils add a weighty touch of glam, and perfectly compliment solid mauve-colored napkins. And then when it comes to the details, consider tying a knot in each of the napkins, and placing them off to the left side of each plate, adding hand-written place cards next to each for parties.

The centerpiece is perhaps the most important element of a table design. It ties everything else on the table together. When working with these colors, consider using combinations of fall flowers in plum, wine, lavender, mauve, and rose, along with several types of sage-colored greenery for a bulkier, textured arrangement.

For the final touch, and an element of warmth and ambiance, place a pair of burgundy-colored candlesticks to one side of the centerpiece. Creating an asymmetrical setting brings whimsy and interest to the table.

Hostess tip: Setting your tablescape at least one day in advance will give you more time to focus on last minute details, like tidying up the house, and getting yourself put together before your guests arrive. Then, when the table is set and the party has began, don’t forget to sit down, eat, laugh, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, alongside your guests – after all, that’s what dinner parties are all about!

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