Winter Warmups

Your Guide to Some of San Joaquin’s Most Cozy Drinks

Whether you’re looking for a drink to perk you up or chill you out, these local spots will have just what you need to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

Dulce de Leche Latte
Rich, creamy, and strong enough to give you the jolt you need, the Dulce de Leche Latte at Terra Coffee in Stockton is an indulgence you deserve. Caramel and vanilla syrups combined with textured milk and a double shot of espresso make for one luxurious treat. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Mexican Heritage Center, where Terra is located! 111 S. Sutter St., Stockton, (209) 643-2326

Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Lodi’s beloved Corner Scone Bakery adds a little festivity to an already cheery beverage by spicing it up with peppermint. Because who says that hot cocoa is just for kids? Warning: you probably won’t be able to pull your eyes away from the baked goods on display. Everything at this cute bakery is freshly made, so you may as well extend your happiness and buy something to snack on! 322 N. California St., Lodi, (209) 747-3418

S’mores Mocha
If relentless rain or bitingly cold temperatures are making you long for warmer days, this is the drink for you. With just one sip of a S’mores Mocha, you’ll be transported to a smoky summer camp out. Grab one on the go from Java’s drive through and let all your coworkers wonder why you’ve come into work in such a good mood. 321 S. Hutchins St., Lodi, (209) 369-9381

Green Tea Spiced Chai Latte
What’s better than a piping hot latte fused with your favorite tea? One made with two teas! Duck into this hip School Street café for a supercharged drink that combines the powers of green and chai tea. Chock-full of antioxidants and rich flavors, this is one drink that’ll help keep you going on those chilly winter days. 115 S. School St. #5, Lodi, (209) 625-8893

Hot Toddy
This hot water and brandy cocktail is the perfect antidote to damp and dreary evenings. While obviously not a replacement for modern medicine, if you’ve got the sniffles, one of these after a hearty Midgley’s dinner may make you feel pretty good. After all, the lemon wedge and cinnamon stick are bound to have some restorative properties! 296 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 474-7700

Gingerbread Latte
If you want to combine your favorite crumbly Christmas treat with an afternoon cup of coffee, then Barista’s has you covered with their Gingerbread Latte. With just the right amount of sweetness, there’s no way you won’t be feeling merry after drinking this. Order it in a mug and settle in for a cozy hour of chitchat or reading. 112 W. 10th St., Tracy, (209) 830-6050

Turkish Coffee
This cup of coffee is small but mighty! Made with finely ground, unfiltered coffee, the result is a strong and hearty drink that you’ll want to savor with something sweet on the side. Take a turn off the Miracle Mile and pop into House of Shaw for an experience all coffee lovers should try. 227 Dorris Pl., Stockton, (209) 948-4300

Espresso Martini
Caffeine and alcohol… what better duo for a holiday evening. A chic after-dinner drink, Rosewood crafts their Espresso Martini with Kahlua, vanilla vodka, espresso, and a hazelnut liqueur. It’s the perfect happy hour pick me up! 28 S. School St., Lodi, (209) 369-0470

London Fog Latte
The name alone is classy enough to impress anyone who happens to ask what you’re drinking, but the London Fog is also a downright soothing drink. Earl Grey, a traditional English tea, combined with steamed milk and a hint of vanilla, is a refined drizzly day beverage. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sipping with your pinky up! 321 S Hutchins St., Lodi, (209) 369-9381

Candy Cane Mocha
Calling all candy cane lovers! A triple dose of peppermint really makes this mocha stand out. From the peppermint simple syrup to the house-made peppermint whipped cream, you’ll be singing the praises of this drink for days. The icing on the cake—so to speak—is the crushed candy cane bits sprinkled on top! 501 E. Main St., Stockton, (209) 327-2868

Almond Milk
The house-made almond milk from Towne Corner is something of a masterpiece. Soaked for 24 hours before being triple-sifted through cheesecloth, the addition of dates and honey bring a little extra sweetness to every sip. Enjoy it hot or iced, and with or without espresso. 2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi, (209) 625-4004

Chicory Coffee
Midtown Creperie
If you’re heading to Midtown Creperie for a taste of New Orleans, make sure you get the authentic experience with a cup of chicory coffee. Using the original Café du Monde brand, this robust drink is brewed just like coffee, but is a bit on the stronger side. You’d better pair it with some sugary sweet beignets, just to be safe! 2319 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 941-9070

High Tea
Grab your most distinguished gal pals and enjoy a proper cup during High Tea at the Hidden Tea Room. With five courses of freshly-made baked goods and a beautiful tea set, you’ll wonder why you don’t do this more often. There are several teas to choose from, but a black tea like English Breakfast would be the most traditional. 310 N. California St., Lodi, (209) 452-5366

Irish Coffee
This is one classic cocktail that you shouldn’t miss. Day or night, it’s hard to go wrong with this simple yet delicious drink, but we suggest enjoying one with your brunch. Coffee combined with Irish whiskey and house-made whipped cream mix to concoct this beverage that will warm you up from inside out. 2819 W. March Ln., A1, Stockton, (209) 957-2100

Dirty Chai Latte
For those days when you can’t decide whether to have coffee or tea, there is dirty chai. Though the name may give some people pause, those in the know agree that the combination of chai with a shot of espresso and steamed milk make for one fantastic drink. Jump start your day with this latte at any of Stockton’s Empresso locations. 1231 W. March Ln., Stockton, (209) 851-3903

The Great Awakening
Drag your tired body to Inspire Coffee and allow them to jolt you back to life with this drink that delivers on its name. The three shots of espresso alone will wake you up, but the steamed half and half, plus three pumps of vanilla, will offer the comfort and flavor you need before you really begin your day. 8 W. Pine St., Lodi, (209) 366-4545

Indecent Exposure
This speakeasy-style bar in downtown Stockton has its pick of drinks that are hilariously appropriate to its name. Served chilled, this coffee, Bailey’s Irish Cream, chocolate, and Crème de la Coco cocktail may be just the lunchtime pick me up you need (as long as you’re done with work for the day, of course). 19 N. California St., Stockton, (209) 910-9477

Christmas Tree Latte
Savor the unique flavors of this creative and handcrafted latte, which features rosemary simple syrup mixed with vanilla. If you’ve never experienced rosemary in a latte, we recommend settling into Trail’s gorgeous new location and sipping slowly, so as to fully enjoy the tastes that await. 501 E. Main St., Stockton, (209) 327-2868

Café Royal
The perfect ending to a long day is an exquisite meal followed by an excellent drink—and this spiked coffee cocktail is one of the finest drinks around. Though many people aren’t familiar with it, this sensational drink combines coffee liqueur made with tequila, hazelnut liqueur, coffee, and whipped cream. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing! 1351 N. Main St., Manteca, (209) 239-3351

Caramel Apple Cider
Fragrant, comforting, and absolutely delicious, apple cider is an ideal yet often overlooked option for when you want something hot to drink but don’t want any caffeine.  The addition of caramel makes it nearly as good as indulging in a candy apple, but without the guilt! If you’re looking for coziness in a cup, this drink has your name on it. 112 W. 10th St., Tracy, (209) 830-6050

Snickerdoodle Latte
Cinnamon lovers, this one’s for you! Boost your latte with the taste of snickerdoodles: The delightful cookie with an even more delightful name. Start your day the right way with a sweet drink that’s bound to put a smile on your face! 239 N. Ham Ln., Lodi, (209) 368-2611

Spanish Coffee
What’s better than a cup of Joe? An alcoholic cup of Joe on fire, of course. The Flaming Spanish Coffee is both a tasty drink and a spectacular show! A sugared rim, rum (which is lit on fire), nutmeg and cinnamon to make sparks fly, plus liqueurs and Irish coffee combine for a satisfying cocktail perfect for frosty evenings. 296 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 474-7700

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