French Press Frenzy

By: Caitlin Hamer

While coffee lovers agree that their daily morning jolt is a necessity, there’s still some debate as to how to brew the perfect cup.
For many, the only way to caffeinate is with a French Press.

Lovers of this method adore the simple process: steep coffee grounds in hot water in your French Press, and then press the grounds out. If this basic, hands-on technique sounds good to you, then your next step should be a trip to Toot Sweets Bakery Cafe, which stocks several French Press coffee makers in their gift basket section. With an ever-rotating selection of brands, you’ll have your pick of high-quality options, which will vary by size and price. No matter which one you choose, your result will be pure satisfaction.  

Press On:
Toot Sweets Bakery Café
4755 Quail Lakes Dr., Stockton
(209) 474-6692

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