Ask the Experts: Dr. Sam Varon, Venetian Pet Hospital

My dog’s breath smells horrible, is there something wrong with his teeth?

  1. Bad breath is usually caused by significant infection in the mouth and is a sign that your pet may need veterinary attention!

It is important to have your dog examined on an annual basis for overall health, including their dental health.

During an annual check-up I assess every body system, including dental health. I see if there are any signs of early gingivitis or bone loss around the teeth that would be caused by underlying infection. If we are able to catch periodontal disease early, then we can perform more routine periodontal cleanings instead of having to do major dental extractions.

I recommend brushing your dog’s teeth once every day! If you start when they are puppies it can actually become an enjoyable experience for them, believe it or not!

For older animals, I often recommend running routine lab work in order to find early disease processes before they become unmanageable.

Just as aging people require more dental work, older animals, too, have more wear and tear on their mouths and usually require more dental work. Without appropriate attention, dental disease becomes worse with age and major extractions become necessary as the level of infection becomes too high.

Besides regular brushing and periodontal cleanings at the vet’s office, I recommend Maxiguard products for my patients. These medicated wipes and gel are applied to the teeth to prevent calculus and bacteria from building up!

By practicing good health we can keep our pets out of the emergency room and make sure that they live a long healthy life!

Venetian Pet Hospital is located in Lincoln Center behind Trader Joe’s.
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