The Spa at Wine and Roses Offers A Summer Break Reprieve for Moms


The Spa at Wine & Roses offers a Summer Break Reprieve for Moms

By Heather Reagan-Isbill

       Sixteen hours a day, for what seems an infinity of days without the helpful scaffolding of school, clubs, or teams, has pushed me to the point where I recently told my children: “I’m so sorry. I see your mouths moving but all I can hear is WAAA WAAA WAAA. Your needs are probably real, but I am unable to attend to them at this time. If you cannot make a sandwich or solve this particular problem, you will either starve or bludgeon one another or fight to the death and die, and I want you to know that I will miss you.”

It’s only July. They should be in school already, sitting in air conditioning and learning something, instead of wasting their lives on video games and Television. There is four more weeks of this?!

I desperately need structure returned. We need routine. I need kids to go to bed. I need to think my own thoughts, which I haven’t done since May 29th. I miss my thoughts. It’s official, I am taking a break from summer break.  I need to regroup and refuel, and  I am headed to… wait no…escaping to The Spa at Wine & Roses, where there is tranquility, serenity, peace, quiet…and most importantly, no children. The Spa at Wine & Roses offers pampering to the fullest degree, and I am ready, willing, and deserving. And so are all Moms tackling summer with kids turned Tasmanian devils.

The ‘Wine & Roses Ultimate Treatment’ starts with an organic body scrub, a rinse in a private (Private? I haven’t known private since May 29th.) outdoor shower, followed by a luxurious application, via massage, of a choice of exquisite body butters. During the wrap, a face massage completes the ultimate experience. The results are deep relaxation of the mind and lasting hydration of the body. Ninety minutes is $180. This is a small price to pay for my sanity.

There is also the dreamy ‘Organic Icing on the Cake’, which applies luscious layers of honey, carrot, lemon and vanilla to the skin, once exfoliated  and wrapped in warm blankets. A sensation for the senses and body, this treatment provides deep relaxation, vitamin rich nutrients for the skin and exquisite hydration. Sixty minutes is $110.  Yes, please!

A newer service, the ‘Honey Bee Good’ treatment, is a luxurious and hydrating body treatment that utilizes a deep relaxing myofacial massage technique using immune boosting honey and warm oil. A warm Propolis beeswax thermal pad is applied to the back to relieve muscle tension. Sixty minutes for $105 with the option to add a milk and honey face mask for an additional $15.

Plus with any spa service, I get to soak in the plunge pools, (there are two- one warm and one cool) sip fresh flavored water, eat house-made granola, take a steam, relax in the aptly named Tranquility Room or Courtyard and listen to the sounds of bubbling water features. Of course, there is also a full service salon offering manicures, pedicures and professional haircuts and styling, certified by Aveda.

A day at the Spa & Wine & Roses, and I will be my best self. All snarkiness aside… As moms, our families depend on us to maintain a healthy, happy quality of life. Stress overload is very real and can lead to many health problems and diseases. Taking time out to pamper yourself at least once a month will have your body and your family thanking you; because you’ll be renewed, relaxed and ready for what life throws your way… even if it is sludge-filled water balloons.

Relax & Refuel, Moms!:

The Spa at Wine & Roses

2505 W. Turner Rd., Lodi

(209) 334-6988

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