2015 Winners: BEST OF Shopping & Gifts

Best of San Joaquin


By Melissa Hutsell

For sisters Kindra Nunez and Shaina Fahey, owning their own clothing shop is a dream that came to fruition. In October 2011, Kindra and Shaina opened the doors to their Stockton-based shop, Zuesters, which appropriately takes its name from the Dutch meaning for ‘sisters.’ “Our father was born in Holland and Zuesters is part of who we are. We thought it would be fitting to call our store something that represented the both of us,” the duo explains.

Though their family roots trace back to Europe, the sisters grew up in Stockton.

“We loved growing up here. Stockton is a close-knit community and we enjoy seeing familiar faces regularly. You don’t get that in a larger city.” Lincoln Center has also been a home of sorts, long before they planted their apparel-based roots. “We grew up in Lincoln Center, our parents owned Payter’s Grill for 35 years. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

After purchasing the former location of Boggiano’s in September 2011, it wasn’t long before Shaina and Kindra established themselves in the community by offering school uniforms and familiar brands with an added personal touch and additional departments to cater to the whole family.

Other than pursuing their dreams as business owners, these successful sisters say they find passion in, “Being able to interact with our customers and friends on a daily basis. It is very rewarding to help others find their unique style or shop for gifts for others.” They also love buying for the store, as it reflects not only their personality, but also the most recent trends.

Their inspiration for the brands featured in the store revolves around casual, affordable surf and active wear for customers of all ages. “We strive to be very fun and honest, while providing a friendly environment for everyone who comes in. We love offering distinctive and casual items for the whole family,” adds Kindra and Shaina.

While they continue to style San Joaquin, the sisters hope to expand their online uniform sales and show their dedication and hard work as small business owners in the community. “When people support local, small businesses it truly impacts your community and helps builds strong neighborhoods and creates more jobs for residents.”

“We always say we wouldn’t open a business with anyone else but each other. We are very fortunate to be able to be in this business together and have each other to rely on.”

Where do you go for girls’ night?

We usually go out to all the restaurants in Lincoln Center or to friend’s homes for girls’ nights.

What do you do to unwind in SJ?

We unwind by going out in Lincoln Center and around SJ for a glass of wine and dinner. Sometimes we treat ourselves to pedicures, manicures and massages around SJ.

What is your favorite characteristic of SJ?

There are a lot of locally owned small businesses and we are grateful to be a part of a community that supports us.


The Gift of Laughter (Editor’s Pick)

French at Heart
22 S. School St., Lodi
(209) 333-3800

This local gem is packed with incredible gifts, guaranteed to WOW anyone who steps inside this French-themed oasis. With clever gifts that fill you with wonder, amazement and even laughter, this boutique showcases an unbelievable diversity of products including themed décor items and heavenly soaps to vintage knick-knacks, scarfs, “damnit dolls” and books. Give someone special (or just yourself) the gift of laughter with the selection of box signs that read; “Keep Calm and Wine On,” “Wine Me up and Turn Me On,” “Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right,” or “Pets Welcome, Children on Leash.” Décor comes in a variety of themes, perfect for the wine-lovers in your life, the just married, the animal lovers among much, much more! From the moment you walk in, you’ll fall in love.

IMG_1213 Isn’t It Charming? (Editor’s Pick)

Mia Bella Boutique
61 W. 10th St., Tracy
(209) 229-1886

Mia Bella Boutique, located in Tracy, is filled with treasures including home décor items, accessories and jewelry such as the ever-popular Brighton collection. With high-end items like Luminara candles and linens direct from Italy, your shopping experience will be one-of-a-kind. Perhaps one of our favorite finds at this local shop is the selection of ‘What’s in Your Locket” branded jewelry. These lockets can be customized to your heart’s desire by offering an extensive assortment of charms, lockets, back plates and chains. Mix and match to create your desired color scheme and theme so you can wear and share your story!

Accessory Retail Shop

308 Lincoln Center, Stockton
(209) 478-5670

Nobody gives fashion advice like a sister. At FINA, you get the sisterly treatment. Two sisters opened the contemporary clothing and accessory boutique in 1986. While they line the shelves with name-brand denim and top-notch blouses, FINA’s accessories are the real draw. Alex & Ani bracelets and Ray-Ban sunglasses offer the perfect finish for any outfit. Picking up a gift? The staff will wrap your finds. Open seven days a week, we dare you to find an excuse not to stop in.

Women’s Shoes

Dennis Shea Men’s & Women’s Shoes
286 Lincoln Center, Stockton
(209) 957-7064

A shoe can change your life – just ask Cinderella. At Dennis Shea Men’s & Women’s Shoes, patrons can purchase hard-to-find sizes from designer brands. From Cole Haan, Stuart Weizman and Bernardo, to Yellow Box, Rockport and New Balance, the shop at Lincoln Center carries a variety of footwear for both men and women. Stop by any day of the week to meet Dennis and his staff, there to fit you for your own glass slipper.


New & Again Consignment Furniture Gallery
210 S. School St., Lodi
(209) 368-2200

Now you can sell your old furniture while you shop for new-to-you pieces to revamp your home at New & Again Consignment Furniture Gallery. The consignment model is the perfect way to fund your redesign. An interior designer is on duty to help overhaul every room and inventory is changed frequently. Every time you step into the store, it’s a fresh, new space full of vintage offerings. From hutches and couches to china and knick-knacks, there’s plenty to peruse at New & Again.


Accessory Retailer
Fashion Safari
Zuesters (Tie for 3rd)
Flair Boutique (Tie for 3rd)

Fine Jewelry
Gary J. Long Jewelers
Pecks Jewelers
Danz Jewelers

Gift Shop
Best Wishes
C R Porter Home Décor
Regalo Bello

Home Décor
C R Porter Home Décor
Lino Bella
Mia Bella’s Boutique (Tie for 3rd)
Regal la Bella (Tie for 3rd)

Vintage Shop
New & Again Consignment Furniture Gallery
Second Hand Rose
Hubba Hubba Antiques

Shopping Center
Lincoln Center
Stone Creek Village
Park West Place

Women’s Clothing Retailer
Theadora (Tie for 3rd)
Stella Boutique (Tie for 3rd)

Women’s Shoes
Dennis Shea Mens & Womens Shoe