Flight of Sliders

By Melissa Hutsell

Woodbridge’s own Flight Lounge offers guests an all-out experience, complete with airplane inspired décor and a menu to fit. Other than the restaurant’s impressive list of salads, entrees, and beers and wines on tap, Flight Lounge offers its customers fantastic starters and uplifting espresso at any time of the day.

Start off your visit with an appropriately themed ‘pre-boarding’ snack, such as a basket of flavored popcorn that comes sweet (chocolate chili) or savory (garlic parmesan). Next, choose your boarding, cruising or landing entrée from a mouthwatering selection of menu items such as the Pressed Cuban Sandwich, Roasted Veggies Sandwich or the Beet and Pear Salad.

Satisfy all of your cravings with a Flight of Sliders. The dish comes complete with three satiating bite-sized sliders including BBQ and Bacon, Cheddar and Frizzled Onions, Teriyaki with Swiss and Pineapple, Zinfandel with Mushrooms and Blue Cheese. What better way to kick off your pre-flight experience than with these tasty treats!?

For More Information:

Flight Lounge

18815 N. Sacramento Rd., Woodbridge

(209) 366-2735, Flightwoodbridge.com