Do's & Don'ts before the Big "I Do"



Do’s and Don’ts before the Big “I Do.”    

By Heather Reagan

The idea of a wedding is nothing less than dreamy, and the notion of your wedding day is extremely magical.  However, there is a practical side to planning a wedding which is accompanied by lots of Do’s and Don’ts.  Some of the most important ones, I believe, are below….

DO Plan the wedding together. There will be things you care about and things he doesn’t, and vice versa.  Planning it together makes the day even more special.

DO Choose a song for your first dance that is meaningful to both of you. Choosing what is popular or a current favorite song won’t mean near as much as a song that holds meaning for you both- no matter what era it is from.

DO Keep a pad of paper and a pen in your car. The car is always a good place to jam!  So, keep that pen and paper handy to jot down favorite songs you want to be played at your reception.  Traffic or long drives are great opportunities for musical inspirations!  Remember to present this list to your band or DJ.  (I also recommend going to listen to your band or your DJ before you hire them!)

DO Oder extra Thank You notes… A must!  You may mess up, or not like what you have written, so having extras will definitely come in handy.  Also, remember etiquette dictates that a guest has up to a year to give you a gift, so you may receive gifts long after the actual wedding day and so you will want extras.

DO Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. There will be glitches, but everything WILL work out. If you stay calm, others will remain calm.  The most important thing is to remember why you are there, and if the timing is off slightly or a groomsman accidentally crushes their Boutonniere (which reminds me- DO order a few extra for this purpose. Trust me, it happens.) The point is, your wedding day is the start of your marriage. The day itself is not as important as the life you are beginning, so don’t let any unexpected problems ruin your day.

DON’T Choose your photographer or your videographer solely on their work. Relationship is largely important.  These vendors will be with you the entire day- in your face, capturing your interactions, watching your every move, so you will definitely want to feel comfortable with them.   Make sure you like their personality and develop a relationship with them as this will make for better pictures and better video results- guaranteed!

DON’T Forget the Emergency Wedding Kit! Extra safety pins, breath mints, bottled water, aspirin, nail file, Kleenex, nail polish, mini sewing kit, double sided tape, over-the-counter non-drowsy allergy medication (just in case), and hairspray are important staples for any clothing emergency, nail chipping, or a snag that may pop up unexpectedly.

DON’T Forget the waterproof mascara. If you don’t normally wear water-proof mascara, then you may want to test it first to make sure there are no reactions.

DON’T Forget about the Groom. The bride is the center of attention. Often times the grooms get left out.  Give your Groom some extra attention leading up to the big day.  Send him love notes; let him know how much you look forward to being his wife.

DON’T Leave anything to do for the last week of the wedding.  The week of your wedding is for pampering!  Spend some quiet time at the spa with your groom.  An organized bride that can relax a few days before her big moment is the happiest bride.  Last minute changes, and trust me there will be some, will not seem so drastic if that is all you have to deal with.

DON’T Forget to leave your watch at home.  On the day of your wedding, time stands still.




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