Capturing the Perfect Moment

capturing-perfect-moment2  Taking the perfect photo is more than just a flash of the lens, it is the art of capturing a special moment and making it last a lifetime. For Heather Willey, photography is more than just a hobby or career, it is her lifelong passion. With her trusted eye for photography, she captures life’s greatest moments to be cherished forever. She has turned her passion into a business, Heather Jean Photography. She offers a variety of services, including engagement, maternity, senior pictures, and family portraits both indoors and outdoors. In addition, she also offers newborn and boudoir sessions. Each session is shot on location and includes edits and a CD, so customers can choose which photos they’d like to print, saving them extra costs. Whether it is small or large, a birthday celebration, or an anniversary, Heather will be there to document your most special moments.

Heather discovered photography at a young age. “It started when I was 12 years old, when my friends’ grandmother took pictures of us in her studio. I took pictures of my friends, objects, and the scenery around me that I believed to be beautiful.” From there, she never looked back and began taking classes in high school. It was not long before she caught her teacher’s attention, “my teachers expressed to me that I had an eye for taking pictures.” She developed photos in a dark room and taught herself how to use a digital camera. Throughout her teens, she continued to take pictures for fun while working other jobs. “I began taking pictures for friends and family and was encouraged by all to make it my focus and career.” She has fined tuned her skills, but considers herself a lifelong student, “I am always trying to improve and learn more. I have continued my education online, taking classes from renowned photographers, and many hours perfecting my craft.”

capturing-perfect-momentFor Heather, her customers are like family, “I feel privileged to be invited into people’s lives to capture their moments, their joys, and their growth as a family. I think my customers have stayed with me and recommend me because I always try to put them at ease.” Her style as a photographer centers on her ability stay relaxed, and patient, which translates in each photo she takes. “Getting to know them allows me to know what setting or picture ideas are best for each individual. Every session is new and exciting,” she adds, “To see the love and admiration a newly engaged couple have for each other, the pure joy a parent has for their newborn, the excitement of a teenager about to graduate, and the love of two families joining in matrimony. These are the moments I get to experience with them. I become a part of their lives and I also want to capture the best moments of these milestones.”

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