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28If you’ve got a utility bill, Stockton’s BTA Solar can show you how to supplement or eliminate your electric utility costs for decades to come. As an efficient and effective form of energy, solar power uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity so you won’t have to worry about staggering utility bills, or oil prices. People can usually find the guidelines or laws their specific state or city has on using this renewable and green source of energy – you can find California solar panel laws online for an example. The staff at BTA has got the services you need to install high performance renewable energy solutions for your home or business, and possibly increase commercial property values by up to 15 percent. The benefits of solar power include; reliable power without the worry of a black-out or brown out, protection from increased electrical bills, and no monthly utility bills.

29The locally owned and family operated BTA Solar has been in business for more than 14 years, offering customers high quality, low cost solutions to their energy needs, no matter the size. The company has the capability to complete projects from one kilowatt to multi-megawatts, from small to large scale projects ranging from residential to agricultural and commercial. Whether you are in the market for solar panel modules mounted on the ground or roof, the team at BTA Solar will engineer a system that works best for you and your needs. “We are a one-stop shop with a wide range of warranties and affordable leasing options at competitive prices,” says owner Rich Remington. BTA is engaged at the forefront of the industry and works with state of the art technology and materials, says Remington. Customers can maximize their return on their investment with the company’s innovative technology that collects the maximum amount of sunlight, keeping up to date with the newest advancements. “We know the industry, we live the industry,” Remington says. Remington, who has a background in engineering and electrical contracting, adds that although the process of installation and dealing with utility companies is complicated, but the crew at BTA is well versed in their field. “We know what we are talking about,” he adds, “customers know and trust us. They are confident in our reliable service.” Not only can BTA Solar build a cost efficient power supply that does not generate any pollutants, they can help you take advantage of tax incentives.

Whether you have a ranch, business, or are looking for an alternative energy solution for your home, BTA Solar can help you make the most of your solar power by creating an efficient and independent system.

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