Anxiety and Depression

Though Lucille Ball might have you think that listlessness and general despondency can be solved with a spoonful of Vitameatavegamin, depression and anxiety are serious and surprisingly common mood disorders suffered by millions of women in the U.S. alone. According to Mary Raymond, a Family […]

Balancing Act

Adult acne, mood swings, and weight gain—oh my! Sure, mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, skin issues and even depression and anxiety sound like typical hormonal symptoms the average, healthy woman experiences from time to time—but are they signs of something more? According to the Women’s […]

Cancer Scares

There’s one word we all hope to never hear from our doctor and that’s “cancer.” While keeping away from the doctor’s office altogether can help avoid hearing that ominous term, it ultimately only postpones and exacerbates any potential problems that could have been treated before […]

Birth at 40

More women over 40 are having babies, letting the biological clock tick a bit longer than ever before. With medical intervention, it’s not uncommon to have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery after 40, however, it’s not the same as doing it at 20 or […]

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Menopause Pains

So, it’s started. You’re experiencing hot flashes, you’re tired all the time, your breasts are tender and you’ve likely felt at least one of several other uncomfortable symptoms, including decreased libido, irregular periods, urine leakage, and vaginal dryness. It’s called perimenopause and it’s the precursor […]