2014 Hair Trends

Barbershops have been around for thousands of years. Beyond just getting groomed, going to the barber meant going to a place where men could gather and discuss topics of the day. (And if you were lucky, your barber could also pull teeth and perform surgical procedures. Quite the one-stop shop.) Meanwhile, women stayed at home to have their hair arranged, or “dressed.” […]

Western British Columbia

Beautiful Victoria and Vancouver have long been on our bucket list for an extended stay, and a few months ago we fulfilled that dream. We’ve been to both cities for brief cruise stops but never fully explored the regions. Our gaffe! A few folks suggested we should also consider checking out Richmond’s culinary scene, the nearby revitalized fishing town of Steveston, and Whistler’s famous resort area. […]

French 25 ‘California Cajun’ a Big Hit in Stockton

Often in business, as in life, the best ideas come from thinking outside of the box. For Stockton restaurant owner Greg May, his out-of-the-box ‘California Cajun’ menu at French 25 has turned this restaurant into one of the most unique and trendy dining destinations in Northern California. […]

SJ City Guide

San Joaquin 100th Issue Party Pictures

San Joaquin Magazine celebrated its 100th issue as the finest lifestyle magazine of the Central Valley. Thank you to all that celebrated, donated and helped make this fantastic party possible […]

Peking Restaurant: Awesome Food

For over a generation, Peking restaurant and the Chu family have built a legacy for fine Mandarin Chinese cuisine in Stockton. However, Peking Restaurant isn’t resting on its laurels in 2014 – it has a new decor and dessert menu for its 35th year in operation. […]

On the Town

The Breakfast Club

Eating breakfast out is one of those things that has to be done right to make it worth the while. Luckily, we here in San Joaquin County have plenty of options to fulfill that need, from greasy spoon diners, to waterfront views, to high-end farm-to-table fare. Many (in fact, most) of the breakfast spots on our list have developed a cult-like following, so while you may have to wait to be seated, it’s a small price to pay for the food and the service you’ll receive. Indeed, just one bite of a crepe at Midtown, the Poor Man’s Benedict at Avenue, or a giant pancake at Chuck’s, may make you want to start a Breakfast Club of your own. If you’re looking for a local place to break your fast, look no further. […]

Heart Care With Heart

The San Joaquin area can be very proud of its heart care. Renowned for their skill and state-of-the-art facilities, heart centers in the area have achieved numerous technical innovations and received countless awards. […]

Camron King of Lodi`s Wine Scene

According to Camron King, Executive Director 2 with the Lodi Winegrape Commission, “The [Lodi] region has been the backbone of the California wine scene for generations.” Today, Lodi continues to be home to many multi-generational farming families that produce the grapes used to make wines on the dinner tables of families around the world. […]

La Strada 88 Restaurant

Clements, Calif. isn’t the first place you think of when discussing fine dining in Northern California. But new Italian restaurant, La Strada 88, is quickly creating a major buzz in this small town with an authentic menu, outstanding chefs and a little savvy social media marketing. […]

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