Lodi Lake leprechauns lead the way to the pot of gold

The Great Leprechaun Hunt

The story of leprechauns has been a famed part of Irish folklore since the 8th century when legends about fairies only two to three feet tall, working as cobblers to the fairy world and living in underground caves and hallowed tree trunks to hide from humans, began circulating among the Celts.

We often think of Leprechauns as small, imaginary creatures who wear green, dance to Irish music, and grant us good luck in the form of three wishes on St. Patrick’s Day, but did you know that leprechauns originally wore predominantly red and can be spotted year-round?

History reveals that belief in them was widespread in Ireland causing leprechauns to be deeply ingrained in Irish culture still today, often associated with the lush green fields of the Emerald Isle and possessing prized pots of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow. But, do not become greedy about winning good fortune and shiny pots of gold as leprechauns are also said to have the ability to trick those humans whose intentions for gold are not pure but rooted in greed. These humans will not receive the famed good luck from the leprechauns but rather a lesson in sharing wealth and fortune with all those you encounter.

If you and your loved ones wish to see the legend of the leprechauns come to life, you will not want to miss this year’s Great Leprechaun Hunt at the Lodi Lake, March 1-17. For 17 days, twelve mischievous little leprechauns will hide out at the lake and hunters of all ages are invited to locate each of these magical leprechauns and find their hidden pots of gold. Solving riddles will lead you to their hiding spaces, and once they are found, mark the location on your printable map and take a leprechaun selfie with the InstaLuck Photo Frame. Post with the hashtag #LodiLeprechaunHunt to share your adventure.