How to sculpt that butt, or at least pretend you did

Spank That!

We live in the time of big butts. But crafting the perfect derriere takes a lot of hard work, or at least a little outside-of-the-box thinking. We all know squats and deadlifts can sculpt our booties, creating density and providing a firmer rear, but there are other ways to garner the same—or similar—results. Alternative approach one: ditch the 100 squats a day and try out some yoga poses instead.

Alyssa Vaccarezza, owner of Shine Yoga Studios, has a few suggestions for poses poised to give your butt a natural lift. Utkatasana, also known as fierce pose or chair pose, is one surefire way to get results. The low squatting position activates muscles in your legs and buttocks. To maximize results, hold chair pose for as long as possible. To up the ante, add in some twists when your body is ready. Utkata Konasans, or goddess squat, does more than firm the booty. The pose is also a hip, leg, and chest opener, and strengthens the legs, calves, abs, and knees. You may not think bridge pose (or setu bandha sarvangasana) would benefit the butt, but in addition to strengthening the back, buttocks, and hamstrings, it also stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hips when done in a shoulder-supported position. Shine Yoga Studios, 308 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 473-1332,

Go Under the Knife
If you prefer fast and dramatic results, you can always opt for a Brazilian Butt Lift instead (BBL). The procedure is aimed at creating a firm and rounded backside as well as lifting and can be achieved through a fat-transfer procedure. Some doctors use implants, as well, but at Plastic Surgery Center of Stockton, Dr. Kludt prefers the former technique to avoid potential complications. Plastic Surgery Center of Stockton, 1805 N. California St., Ste. 405, Stockton, (209) 870-7100,

Fake it till you make it
We all know the best bet for getting the butt we want is exercise, but what can you do in the meantime? Wearing certain clothes can offer shaping benefits. The Align Pant from Lululemon is a best-seller at Shine Yoga Studios. Stop in and purchase a pair in a variety of lengths. “It feels like you skin,” Alyssa says. $98 MSRP. Shine Yoga Studios, 308 Lincoln Center, Stockton, (209) 473-1332,