The Incredible, Edible Egg—10 Ways

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Eggstra! Eggstra! Read all about them! Eggs are versatile, packed with protein, and can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And while most folks can scramble an egg with ease, there are so many ways to enjoy this diet-friendly protein. Do us a favor and check out the   simplest ways to prepare eggs and these ten tasty ways to up your egg game. 

Deviled Eggs
Place eggs in large stockpot of cold water and bring to a boil. Once water is rolling, cover pot and turn off  heat. Let cook for 10 minutes. Run cold water over eggs and peel the shell. Slice in half vertically and remove yolk. In a bowl, combine mayonnaise, a dash of yellow mustard, sea salt, and pepper. Spoon mixture into the empty egg halves. Want to kick up the spice? Top the eggs with chopped Calabrian peppers. Want to make them bougie? Top with caviar and smoked salmon.

Poached Egg
A poached egg makes the perfect addition to dishes like a decadent, creamy, pasta carbonara with pancetta. Or even better yet, add a runny, poached egg to a breakfast sandwich loaded with peppered bacon, aged cheddar cheese, and arugula, all piled high on a fluffy biscuit. Or, go classic with eggs benedict.

Fried Egg
Add a tablespoon of butter to the bottom of your sauté pan. Let melt before cracking eggs into pan over medium-high heat. Cook for a minute or two before adding an ounce or two of water. Cover and cook for one to two minutes until yolk reaches desired temperature. Pro tip: always crack your eggs into a small bowl first in case you get shells and to prevent breaking the yolk.

Scrambled Eggs
Simply beat eggs with salt and pepper before pouring into a medium-hot pan. Fold gently a couple of times for fluffy eggs. Pro-tip: if you want extra creamy eggs, add heavy cream, sour cream, or ranch dressing.

Huevos Rancheros
Top tortillas with beans, salsa, avocado, cilantro, cotija, and a fried egg for a hearty breakfast packed with flavor.

Pork Belly with a Quail Egg
Slow cook pork belly and place it atop a dollop of white bean hummus. Garnish with pickled purple onion, a fried quail egg, and micro greens for a fancy appetizer that will make you look like a gourmand.

Sweet Potato Egg Hash
Layer crispy sweet potatoes, French fries, onions, garlic, and bacon lardons in a cast iron skillet. Top with poached eggs, chopped chives, and a creamy hollandaise for a decadent brunch with friends.

Dressed up Deviled Eggs
Take your basic deviled egg recipe, and dress it up. Put a thin layer of creamy horseradish in the bottom of the hard-boiled egg yolk and top with egg mixture. Add crispy pancetta, thinly sliced green onion, and plate on a bed of lightly dressed arugula and spinach.

Cauliflower Fried Rice with Eggs
We love adding a fried egg to a cauliflower fried rice for a savory and healthy dinner option that comes together in a flash. Add bell pepper, onion, and peas to your cauliflower fried rice, top with a fried egg, and garnish with sriracha.

Avocado Toast
Life doesn’t get much simpler or tasty than this. Mash fresh avocado with lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper, before piling it upon your favorite crusty bread. Top it with a poached egg and spicy red pepper flakes.

Summer Bounty Pasta with a Poached Egg
Boil up your favorite fettucine pasta and add sauteed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and a poached egg. Garnish with sea salt, red pepper flakes, and parmesan for a delicious dinner.

The sky is the limit for this preparation. Fold sausage, mushrooms, and gruyere cheese into omelet for an umami filled savory meal.

Egg-Topped Pizza
Take your favorite pizza and top it with a poached or fried egg. One of our go-to recipes is a pizza with an olive oil base, topped with fresh parmesan, arugula, pancetta, and a fried egg.

Whisk eggs, cream, fresh herbs, and seasonal vegetables together with a healthy dose of salt and pepper. Bake in a greased cast iron skillet for a simple, savory dish that comes together with ease.


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