In-Shape pro talks at-home boxing workouts

Pack a Punch

Want to improve your cardiovascular fitness? Looking to build strength in your upper body? Hoping to improve your core stability all while in the comfort of your own home? Check them all off (and more!) with these at-home boxing workout tips.

There’s a reason boxing offers plenty of life metaphors – ‘When you get knocked down, get back up. Learn to roll with the punches. Find people to stay in your corner.’ But the benefits of boxing are more than just a few pertinent quotes—it can drastically improve your cardio fitness and endurance. “As you work through the rounds with breaks between effort, you are training interval style,” says Erin C., NASM Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor at In Shape Fitness. “With each jab, cross, hook, or uppercut, you are also building strength in your shoulders, chest, and arms.” Plus, you build hand-eye coordination, a mental toughness, and confidence from practicing (and nailing) a new sport. And you don’t have to step in a ring or gym to reap the benefits of boxing.

  1. Throw light but sharp punches

An unfortunate mistake of beginners is that they want to hit with full strength, AKA the knockout punch. If you want to punch with power, you will only use the strength of your arm and shoulder muscles. But it is better to use your whole body to throw a punch. That way, you will be able to strike much bigger. For this, your body should be relaxed. Try punching with tight muscles and with loose muscles. You should feel a major difference.

  1. Shorter punch combinations

When starting out, there is no need to do complex boxing combinations; three-four punch combos will do. As you get better, add more punches to your combos. It is better to be good at four-five combination types than doing a lot of badly-performed, longer ones.

  1. Correct breathing technique

Do not hold your breath! You should exhale when you punch. The right breathing method while boxing is crucial for having the energy to complete the workout. Plus, you can better handle the body shots reaching you, as well.

Learn the moves:

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