Raphael Hardwood Flooring specializes in authentic wood floors

A Genuine Difference

Laminate, wood-look vinyl planks, engineered hardwood—these are all popular go-tos for San Joaquin County homeowners. And Raphael Hardwood Flooring does offer them all. However, if you ask Joshua Raphael what his company’s niche is, he’ll tell you it’s the authentic stuff. Hardwood floors—from installation of new floors to restoring older floors—is the basis of the company’s motto, a nod to both the real products and the service offered: “Our Difference is Genuine,” he says.

“In an age where everything is plastic, synthetic, and online, people crave authenticity,” Joshua says. Instead of looking for something that is aesthetically perfect, and therefore also manufactured, they’ll accept small imperfections because it evokes realness. “Give me genuine or nothing at all,” Joshua says.

Joshua has built his company by being a one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. The Lodi showroom offers a wide array of colors and materials to choose from, to create the ideal look for homes and commercial spaces. Depending on individual style and budget, there are many different routes to go. There is nothing wrong with stone, composite, and waterproof floors. Many people like this look and find it’s a better fit for their budget. That being said, Joshua says Raphael Hardwood Flooring made its niche in true hardwood floors, embracing an authentic material instead of chasing down something manufactured to achieve a specific aesthetic. And he’s found that many others want genuine wood floors, too.

For many, this includes choosing new wood to put into a space. While selecting “hardwood” may sound like the end of your journey, it’s actually just the beginning. Once you decide to install hardwood floors, you’ll need to choose the color, grain, and material. From walnut to cherry to pine, dark wood to light wood, wide planks or skinny planks, you have a lot of decisions to make. There is less leeway in some respects because you’ll have to bend to the natural elements of the wood, but there are still plenty of choices. For others, it’ll be about

restoring older hardwood floors, either those unearthed in a recent remodel, or floors that have begun to show signs of normal wear and tear. “These are antique floors for people that value their investment,” Joshua says.

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