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Laura Munguia’s mobile plant boutique is ready to (rock and) roll

Do you love long walks down the garden aisle? Feel joy when picking up a new “plant baby” to add to your brood? Get giddy over matching planters? Then Rustic Garden was made for you, and its owner, Laura Munguia, probably wants to be your best friend.

Rustic Garden is a plant-lover’s dream. The mobile business offers a chic and—dare we say rustic?—space to browse house plants, decorative planters, and other accessories, all on four wheels.

“I was about 9 years old when I started my first outdoor garden and from there on I was hooked,” Laura says. “My mother always made sure to have plants indoors and outdoors. watching her passion and excitement for plants really influenced me.” Add in an interest in interior design and its clear to see how Laura’s dream of owning a plant store came to fruition.

The idea to open Rustic Garden on four wheels came down to two factors: inspiration and budget. Living in Santa Barbara for five years, she says mobile clothing boutiques—much like Lodi’s very own Lovely Girl Mobile Boutique—were a staple in the community. So, when looking at the costs of opening a brick and mortar felt overwhelming, Laura decided to take the idea and make it her own.

It took one year to turn the truck into a mobile plant boutique, and Laura, her husband, and her father did all the handiwork themselves, including sanding the outside of the truck and every board inside of it (see above). “My husband even picked up welding skills thanks to Rustic Garden,” Laura laughs, adding the company welds metal plant stands of all sizes, as well. Her favorite space on the truck, however, is the flooding steps on the back where people step into the shop.

“[When you buy from Rustic Garden, you are not just buying a plant, you are buying from a small business owner that has put so much time and effort into creating a fun space just for you,” Laura says. “I want people to come in the truck, have fun, and leave with a new hobby.”

If you want to browse Laura’s goods, it’s best to follow her on Instagram and stalk the truck’s next location, which can be anywhere throughout Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento, and even the Bay Area. You can also request a shopping experience near you by contacting Rustic Garden directly through Instagram or by phone.

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