Sushi with a Mexican Flair

Eat at Mariscos y Sushi Sinaloense

Inspired by the unique flavors she experienced on a vacation visiting family and friends in Sinaloa, Mexico, Patty Ontireros opened Mariscos y Sushi Sinaloense to share a taste of her trip with San Joaquin County.

At the time, Patty and her husband were working in real estate, but the dream to open her own restaurant was ever growing in her heart. It wasn’t until recently that all of the stars aligned, and she became the owner, and founder, of Mariscos y Sushi Sinaloense – San Joaquin’s one of a kind Mexican Sushi Truck.  “I just wanted to bring authentic flavor, and something different to the community,” says Patty. “I had never tasted anything around here like what we’re serving . The flavor is so unique.”

Patty describes her cuisine as sushi with a twist of Mexican flair. “It differs from your average sushi place in that a lot of the items on the menu feature cooked shrimp, and one can expect the flavors to taste Mexican-inspired. Also, all of the sushi orders are served with house-made sauces, including fresh cilantro and chipotle sauces.” If you’re looking for something fresh and full of flavor, Patty recommends the the “Mangoviche.” This popular dish consists of ceviche with cooked shrimp, lime, and mango, drizzled in a house-made sauce. “It’s a customer favorite,” says Patty.

For those craving something on the richer side, the “Tres Quesos” is nothing short of decadent. This little baby features a deep-fried roll with breaded shrimp, cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, cucumber, and avocado inside, drizzled with cilantro sauce and plated with shredded carrots, chives, and yellow pepper. And don’t forget to save room for dessert, because deep-fried ice cream is on the menu–vanilla ice cream covered in a Mexican style pancake breading, then deep-fried and smothered with chocolate sauce, plus a cherry on top.

As far as the future goes, Patty has plans to give the people what they want! “We are people-people,” says Patty. “Our goal is to eventually expand, and open up a local restaurant, as well.”

Taste it for yourself:
Mariscos y Sushi Sinaloense
Located on the corner of Pacific and Porter Ave.
(209) 313-4684

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