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For the last five years, Jazz Dhatt has been at the helm of Tuxedos of Lodi, slinging suits with an inspiring amount of insight, honesty, and joy.

“I just like talking to people as friends,” he reveals. “I’m not trying to make anyone buy something.”

And perhaps it’s that sociable approach that makes him so successful – but it’s also because he really knows his suits.

“I wore a suit almost every day for a good chunk of my life,” Jazz says. “And I’m a bigger gentleman, so I was struggling to make clothes look good on me. I was overly worried about how it made me look.”

The bulk of Jazz’s business is made up of men looking to purchase a suit for a wedding, whether it’s for their own wedding, a groomsmen tux, or simply something to wear as a guest. With an eye for perfectly tailored suits, Jazz goes the extra mile, helping couples plan a wedding palette to ensure that everything and everyone will look great on the big day. “To look good is the one job grooms have,” laughs Jazz. “We want to hit that mark!”

If you’re in need of a custom suit or tuxedo, Jazz, with the help of his wife, who works as a seamstress in the shop, can create one. They also have designer suits available for purchase by brands like West End and Jackson James, as well as designer rental suits from brands like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. Don’t forget the designer accessories to top the outfit off; if you’ve blown all your money on a luxury suit, perhaps go down the road of Gucci or Louis Vuitton replica accessories instead. Some are of such good quality, you won’t be able to tell the difference! Got a groomsman who lives out of town? Tuxedos of Lodi offers a special service for that, delivering the suit in advance so men can complete alternations ahead of time, and there are no game day surprises.

And speaking of time-though ideally you’ll want to place your custom orders at least six to eight weeks in advance-Jazz has taken prom orders with less than 48 hours notice. If you’re willing to pay the shipping fee, he might even be able to wrangle you a suit in 24 hours. But whether you’re making a last-minute purchase or planning well in advance, Jazz wants to make sure all customers leave looking good and, most importantly, feeling good. And while Jazz loves the look of a sharp suit, above all, he loves seeing his customers happy.

“I always ask the same question,” he says. “How do we help you look your best?”

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