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Frozen Treats to Cool Down Your Summer

Go ahead—taste the rainbow. San Joaquin County is brimming with options for cool, colorful treats. At hotspots throughout the region, patrons can grab goodies to go, or stay and enjoy. From alcoholic wine slushies to over-the-top ice cream concoctions, we’ve got plenty of frozen goods to keep you cool this summer. Check out our picks! Then head out on a mission to find your own.

  1. Wine Slushie @ Weibel

Coolers donning a selection of flavors made with Weibel champagne are keeping Lodi wine lovers thirsty. The flavored beverages are perfect for summer, lightly alcoholic, and sweet-tasting. Sip the bright pink strawberry margarita flavor, or opt for pina colada.

9 N. School St., Lodi. (209) 370-6013. Weibel.com

  1. Specialty Shake @ House of Ice Cream

Can you say yum? Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, these specialty shakes at House of Ice Cream are best described as over the top. Pick from three flavors—smore’s overload, banana pudding, and circus animal cookie—then dive in to the 20 oz. concoction.

947 N. El Dorado St., Stockton. (209) 490-6871. HouseOfIceCream.net

  1. Churro Puffle @ Dream Ice Cream Parlor

Wrap your ice cream inside another treat. The Churro Puffle is a sweet specialty at DREAM (Desserts Rule Everything Around Me). Pick a punchy flavor to savor like rainbow sherbet, green tea, or strawberry cheesecake. Then, wrap it in the churro of your choice—original or chocolate. Our suggestion? Top it with animal cookies.

5052 West Ln., Stockton. (209) 888-5450

  1. Rainbow Shaved Ice @ Beach Bum Shave Ice

You’ll have to track this truck down in order to enjoy its sweet shaved ice. Beach Bum posts its location on its Facebook page. The rainbow of flavors is sure to delight, but don’t forget to check out specials, too.

(209) 406-6201

  1. Blendini @ Rita’s

Can’t decide between the Italian ice and frozen custard treats at Rita’s? Well, don’t. The Blendini offers both in enticing flavors such as Black Cherry Cheesecake, Key Lime, and Guava. Each treat is a mix of Rita’s favorite desserts, plus a topping of your choice. Keep it colorful with fruity pebbles, mini gummy bears, or Wonka Nerds.

2829 W. March Ln., Stockton. (209) 222-3532. RitasIce.com


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