Drink Yourself Clean at Nékter Juice Bar

By Deirdre Carlson

Ah, the start of a new year! Gym memberships suddenly spike, bathroom scales get dusted off, and friends start discussing which diet or cleanse to try. We are 100 percent on board with this uptake in well-intentioned motivation—and here is a local source to help jumpstart your journey this spring.

Why Cleanse?
Emerging studies have shown that juice cleansing is a powerful and effective way to keep the body’s systems in check. According to Marcus Sarale, General Manager of the Stockton Nékter Juice Bar, “Cleansing gives your body a chance to have a break from digesting whole foods. A cleanse is always good to press that reset button.”

In fact, each bottle of juice contains roughly 2-3 lbs. of fresh produce. Talk about filling! Marcus also recommends to gently “chew the juices” which releases oral enzymes to help start your body’s digestive process.

Which Cleanse Is Right for Me?
At Nékter, there are two options for their juice cleanses, and both are designed to help you find balance as you reset, renew, and revitalize your body.

The Classic Detox is composed of six juices throughout the day and they make it so simple! The bottles are labeled so all you do is start your morning with the bottle labeled #1 and enjoy each number about two to three hours apart throughout the day.

The 6-Day Celery Detox is where you consume one bottle of celery juice each morning on an empty stomach, then have a healthy breakfast 30 minutes later. There are countless benefits to drinking celery juice, such as improved digestion and promoting a healthy glow from within.

If you have never done a juice cleanse before, start slow with the 1-day classic detox, then build-up to the 3 or 5-day cleanse.

After the Cleanse:
There’s no doubt how good you’ll feel after juice cleansing. Better energy, great sleep, glowing skin… the list goes on. Just don’t forget to consume clean foods following the cleansing period.

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