5 Ways to School Kids on Sustainability

By Alexandra Krueger

Sustainability can be a complicated concept for little ones to grasp-but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In honor of Earth Day, this month we’re giving you five tips for teaching your kids how to live a sustainable lifestyle-after all, it’s their generation that will inherit the earth! Teaching your children good habits now will set the groundwork for them growing up to be responsible adults, and as a bonus, it will also provide opportunities for family bonding time! There are plenty of ways you can adjust your current lifestyle to a more sustainable one. Even simple things like changing the products you buy in your weekly shop can help a great deal! For instance, check out these best reusable paper towels which can both save the planet and, in the long run, save you money too!

Make Recycling a Game:  

In California, recycling is a given. But it’s not exactly the most fun activity-make things interesting! Take your separate recycling bins outside into the yard, and give a bag of discarded bottles, cans, and paper to your kids and play a game of toss. The more they’re able to land the correct item into the correct bin, the closer they are to winning!

Plant a Vegetable Garden Together:

Planting a garden as a family can be a great bonding experience. While you’re teaching your children about the veggies you’re planting, you’re also setting them up to learn patience. Once the plants are producing, take the kids outside to pick the vegetables with you-make sure they see you cooking them later!

Make Recycled Crafts:

You don’t need to go and splurge at a Hobby Lobby to have a quality crafting corner. Recycle your milk cartons to make a birdhouse, paint tin cans to turn them into cute pencil holders, make a guitar out of an empty tissue box, paper towel roll, and three rubber bands. All you need to do is a little Googling and you’ve got yourself a fun, sustainable afternoon that will be sure to keep the little ones entertained. 

Make Saving Water a Competition:

This one’s good if you have multiple children who are a little older. Everyone knows siblings love to compete, so make water conservation a game and time their showers-soon enough they’ll start trying to beat their personal record. Be sure to explain to them why water conservation is important, though. The reason behind water conservation is the important part, not the personal record!