Say ‘I Do’ to Lawn Games

By Nora Heston Tarte

Outdoor receptions are the prime place for introducing lawn games, and they give guests something to do other than mingle. Make it work with these tips for turning cocktail hour into happy hour.

Go Big or Go Home

Opt for oversized games to make play more fun. Think 4-foot tall Jenga, huge connect four, large wooden dice, and giant yard pong.

Be a Copycat

Steal ideas from your favorite bar patios and beer gardens. Tons of hangouts feature corn hole games, horseshoes, and bocce ball. Not only are all of these games easy to set up, the pieces are all easily found online.

Use What You Have

Consider what’s in the garage at your house (or your parents’ or friends’ houses). Think volleyball nets, lawn bowling, croquet sets, dartboards, and more. There aren’t a lot of limitations to what lawn games to offer.

Make it Personal

Weddings are all about the bride and groom, so celebrate your love story with games that mean something to you. Whether you went mini-golfing on your first date or spend countless hours playing chess together, work those sentimental items into the display. You can even paint corn hole boards with your wedding logo or names and wedding date to give it a personal touch.

Play to the Space

Not all wedding venues are created equal. Some may have plenty of space to build bocce ball courts and throw down lawn twister, but other venues will only have room for a few smaller games. Get creative and don’t cram the area. If space is limited, put smaller games on tables outside or choose just a couple of games instead of several. Have a lot of space? Sprawl out and consider offering more than one station for each game.

Don’t Limit Your Ideas

Think archery is fun? Set up hay bales with printed targets. Are you a fan of badminton? Buy a set! Want to relive playground days with tetherball? You can find that, too. Where there is a lawn, there’s a way. And as the bride, you have plenty of power to get family members and venue staff to set-up and take down games before and after the affair.