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By Nora Heston Tarte


We all want dewy, glowing, youthful skin, but how do we get it without subjecting ourselves to costly, invasive surgery? Micro-needling is a minimally invasive alternative to facelifts and other anti-aging surgeries that results in tight, vibrant skin you thought could only be achieved through a costly regiment of facelifts and facials.

What is it?
Micro-needling is a collagen induction therapy (sometimes referred to as a bioregenerative facial) that works by taking advantage of the skin’s natural healing response to eliminate red, dull, sagging skin. An aesthetician or dermatologist performs the procedure by using a needle to make tiny pricks in the skin. Don’t worry—it’s painless.

The skin reacts by producing more collagen and elastin, which tightens skin and adds volume, repairing itself. When the needle pricks are made in wrinkles, fine lines disappear, and the same process works on other skin imperfections, too.

Where to use it:
Don’t stop at your face! Micro-needling works on other body parts, too, including the chest, hands, arms, legs, and abdomen. Basically, any part of your body that shows signs of aging can benefit from the service—think sunspots, stretch marks, and over-sized pores.

The result is always the same—youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Micro-needling turns back the clock, giving your skin years back by reversing damage caused by aging and bad habits. It’s not just wrinkles that can make your skin look older than you are (or at least older than you feel). Sun damage, scars, and uneven texture are all fixable through micro-needling. And perhaps the best benefit is that you won’t have to go under the knife to get results.

Don’t get the procedure confused with Botox, either. Botox procedures actually inject a substance into your face in order to paralyze muscles and lessen the appearance of deep lines. With micro-needling, nothing is being injected into your face. Instead the needle pricks are triggering a natural body response, allowing skin to repair itself and diminish the appearance of a wide range of skin problems.

Who does it?
Make an appointment today:
Kimberly Cockerham
36 W. Yokuts Ave., Stockton
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