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By: Caitlin Hamer

A Comedy of Tenors Brings Familiar Faces and Riotous Laughs

Paris, 1936. Three world famous tenors come together for the concert of the century. “Of course, things go terribly wrong!” laughs Shawn Carrington, director of Stockton Civic Theatre’s production of A Comedy of Tenors, which opens this month.

Audiences may recognize some of these characters from Lend Me a Tenor, which happened to be Shawn’s directorial debut when it was staged at the Stockton Civic Theatre in 2012. Though A Comedy of Tenors is a sequel, those who didn’t get a chance to see Lend Me a Tenor don’t need to worry about being confused. While this uproarious show picks up two years after the events of Lend Me a Tenor, the characters explain what happened previously for the benefit of the audience.

Those who saw the first production, though, should recognize two of the cast members who were able to reprise their roles from Lend Me a Tenor.

“When I found out there was a sequel, I knew I had to see what happened next,” says Shawn. “It has all the elements – and more – from the original.”

Shawn’s history with theatre, and his love for the live reactions it elicits, goes back to his early days of drama class back in Illinois. “I was a shy kid and it was just a way to get me to talk,” he recalls. “The first time I opened my mouth and people started laughing, I was hooked.”

Finding himself in Stockton, he began acting at Stockton Civic Theatre, starting with a production of You Can’t Take It with You in 1994. From there, he assisted in directing several shows before finally taking the helm on his own.

“I act every now and then when I get the chance,” he adds. “But I love directing. From the moment I get the script, to getting the team. I like putting the puzzle together and going from what’s on paper to seeing it on stage.”

Shawn especially loves the excitement of opening night, when all the months of hard work culminate in an unforgettable performance. “When you’re approaching the part that you know is going to blow the roof off, and you get there – it’s so worth it,” enthuses Shawn. “Every bit of the struggle that went with putting the show together is worth it.”

A Comedy of Tenors plays at the Stockton Civic Theatre from January 16th through February 3rd. Get your tickets now!

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