5 Tips to Conserve Water

Although we received a few downpours this winter, make no mistake, people! We’re still in a severe drought and it’s going to take a few more years of heavy storms before we’ve made up all the water we’ve been missing out on. And that’s why, as earth-friendly citizens of San Joaquin, we got together with Regina Rubier, Water Resources Program Manager III of Delta Water Supply Project, to find out what we can do to make the most out of the precious resource we obtained last winter!

Reduce outdoor watering.

Remember those annoying neighbors, growing up, who were more interested in watering down their sidewalk with their sprinklers rather than their lawn? Yeah. Don’t be those people. As Regina states: “Water on a sidewalk or any other surface other than the roots of plants and flowers or grass is wasted water.” Check with your city to find out your neighborhood’s watering days and if there is a time duration.

Maintain and monitor the efficiency and quality of sprinkler lines.

What’s the point of a sprinkler that doesn’t work, anyways? All that water is centralized into one very mushy spot on your lawn or garden, doing your precious plants no good against the dreaded heat of summer. This can actually kill sections of your grass, leaving it patchy the following year. If this is something you have faced then you might want to go to a site like https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/california/ and see if you can bring your lawn back to life. If it hasn’t happened yet then do yourself a favor next time the sprinklers pop on and check to see which are still working and which need a little work themselves!

Fix plumbing leaks.

“A leaking shower head or faucet with a streaming drip can waste thousands of gallons a year,” our water guru confides! Don’t believe us? Try placing a bucket under that tiny drizzle and see how quickly it fills up. Multiply that by how long it took for the bucket to fill and…see where we’re going with this? It’s a lot. Fix the leak! If you can’t do so yourself, get a professional plumber out to do it for you. Finding trustworthy Plumbers in St Neots can be a struggle. Always look at reviews online and do your due diligence when selecting the right plumbing company for you. Once you’ve found the right plumber and have leaks fixed, you should begin to conserve water once again.

Check for a running toilet.

And no, we’re not talking about the one you need to go catch. If a toilet is continuously running, which means that water is still pooling into the bowl even after its finished its flush cycle, it’s needlessly going down the drain. “Same concept as above,” Regina admits. “But if the toilet constantly runs, the amount of water is magnified.” If you need more information, tips, and tricks on how best to maintain the plumbing & heating systems in your home then Visit here.

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