The Social Media Effect


By Nora Heston Tarte

Social media has infiltrated our lives. From how we communicate with friends, to show potential employers complete background checks, nothing is the same. As if it was not enough, now there are agencies that help you grow followers on social media platforms. For example, Instagram agencies. Such agencies help connect brands with Instagrammers and facilitate the creation, implementation, measuring, and promotion of brand-sponsored advertising campaigns on Instagram. Additionally, it can help aspiring influencers to increase the number of followers. The surprising part is many Instagram agencies often take the help of firms like Growthoid ( who can further scale their business. Many people often believe that firms like these act as the ‘Kingmaker’. To be honest, with greater forces at work, there is no doubt why social media is successfully infiltrating our lives. But did you know the social media takeover has a hold on your wedding day as well?

??Some brides may prefer to keep their bid day private, but with the ability to instantly upload everything, it may be hard to convince guests to stop snap chatting for the course of an evening. Brides who wish to keep their nuptials offline can kindly collect cell phones at the beginning of the ceremony, but the reception will most likely be a free-for-all despite your (hopefully) polite requests.

??Instead of fighting the media buzz on your big day, try to embrace it for the new trends that add value. A wedding day hashtag is a fun way to chronicle your journey to the altar-and get creative with your new last name. Not to mention, it provides a unique opportunity to experience photos guests posts of happenings you may have missed. It will also make organizing your albums easier in the future, as all of your shots will be easy to find. No calling Aunt Susan for the “first kiss picture” you desperately desire.

??Next, take advantage of the hundreds of amateur paparazzi suddenly available to assist you in capturing every picture perfect moment. Long gone are the days of disposables on guest tables. Now attendees can shoot endless shots and upload them to a cool wedding app (try WedPics) that gives instant access to every guest. If you only have one photographer, he won’t be able to capture every perspective, so you may catch a moment you otherwise would have missed.

??For the truly connected, go all out. Hire someone to live-tweet your day, or create a snapchat story that could rival a Kardashian’s. Have a dear friend who can’t make the event? Face-time him in so he can be there in more than spirit.

??Wedding social media isn’t specific to your big day. You can start chronicling your adventures from the moment you get engaged. Mass engagement announcements have come a long way since phone calls and emails, now you can alert all of your followers with a photo. Instead of going for the cliché ring pic (with a fresh manicure, of course!) add a punch of humor as you sip from a coffee mug scrawled with “Does this ring make me look engaged?” or go sentimental by writing it in sand. Holding up signs that say “She Said Yes” while you share a not-so private embrace, or cheers-ing your “Mr.” and “Mrs.” wineglasses will surely get your point across.

??There are very few limits to the reaches of social media, and unfortunately while you can ask your guests to turn off their smart phones for the duration of your day, it’s not likely to be well received. Plus you could miss out on some meaningful moments.


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