Winter Wonderland
By Nora Heston Tarte

Floral arrangements make plenty of appearances at weddings, but centerpieces have taken a modern turn. From twinkly lights to tailored creations, your guest tables don’t have to include flowers anymore (although they most certainly can).

Illuminated tables featuring floating candles in tall hurricane glasses or branches wrapped in battery-operated lights, are certainly on trend, according to Lupe Graham, co-owner with Sylvia Ramirez, of Oooh My! Tablescape Designs & Events. “The water with fire—that’s popular,” she says.

However, going modern doesn’t mean ditching the flowers entirely. Sometimes a choice to drop the floral motif is about personal taste, other times it’s about budget. If you want to incorporate flowers into your tablescape without creating two dozen bouquets, consider a single floating flower in a vase of water.

“Those things are just a little bit more simple or a little bit more sleek,” says Graham. Many couples are personalizing their guest tables to reflect their shared interests. For example, sugar skull centerpieces and albums repurposed as chargers brought character for a couple with an affinity for tattoos and rockabilly, while tiny suitcases outfitted with foreign souvenirs did the wedding of a couple of travel bugs justice.

There are very few limits to table design at your wedding, except perhaps those put in place by the venue or limited by size. If you want to embrace the season at a fall wedding with natural elements such as fresh greenery, gourds or grape vines, or outfit guest plates with Ninja Turtle masks, it has—and can be—done!

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