Chiropractic Care for Kids


Chiropractic Care for Kids

By Melissa Hutsell 

Chiropractors have treated children for more than 100 years and counting. From eight days to eight years old, it’s never too early to see a chiropractor.

Healthy U Chiropractor, Dr. Po Chua Her says that it’s common for parents to bring their children in for treatment for anything from Scoliosis, to auto accidents, asthma, ear infections, bed wetting, allergies and several other conditions related to heavy backpacks and phone or tablet use, even videos games. According to Dr. Her, the amount of visits and pain due to phone usage, video games and sitting too long are becoming more common.

Among the most common treatment for children includes Asthmatic conditions. “People with Asthma tend to have a [low] capacity for breathing because excessive coughing leads to a tight chest cavity,” adds Dr. Her, “[chiropractic treatment] helps to release tension.” In addition, stress has been shown to trigger Asthma attacks, which chiropractic treatment helps to manage and therefore decrease, as found by the American Chiropractic Association. Along with fighting stress and chest tension, chiropractic care is scientifically shown to curb allergies. “Adjustments increase the immune system, and therefore increase our immunity to allergens,” notes Dr. Her, because the nervous system directly affects the immune system.

Whether for general wellness or specific health issues, parents have turned to chiropractors for a wide variety of childhood aliments.  From pain to posture, and stress to tension management, chiropractors offer safe, precise care for all ages.

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