One Tough Mudder

A9R3CC1A9R3CC3What is your biggest objection to putting carpet in your house? It gets dirty, right? After all, we love the warm feeling of sinking our toes into soft carpet when we get out of bed. But that comfort soon fades as we are faced with spills and tracked-in dirt that look gross and feel, well… dirty. Today, those worries are a thing of the past, thanks to the first new fiber introduced in 50 years! We now have access to the only carpet with permanent built-in stain protection that won’t wear or wash off. With the brand new SmartStrand Forever Clean, nanotechnology keeps the spills from ever settling into the carpet. In addition, this innovative fiber has been engineered to resist matting and crushing at the molecular level.A9R3CC5
What’s more, no carpet is softer, with three times the amount of fiber found in ordinary soft nylon carpets. Finally, annually renewable plant-based materials are used to make this carpet, thereby minimizing the use of limited natural resources. Mohawk is so confident in their extraordinary product that they are installing it on the finish line of several U.S. and international Tough Mudder obstacle course events to prove it is the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet. In November, they kicked off this partnership by installing two pieces at the World’s Tough Mudder challenge in Las Vegas, one of them at the end of the Mud Mile, the muddiest portion of the challenge.
That alone was enough to convince me – it’s now in my family room! Whether it’s red wine, iodine, or olive oil, this carpet just does not stain. And did I mention, it’s soft? It really is softer than my comfiest PJ’s. So, if you are ready for new floors, don’t give up on carpet just yet. And don’t buy anything until you see SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean in person.

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