3We aren’t all born with a green thumb, and watching our plants slowly die can be a bit discouraging. So, to inspire you and your garden, we spent time with Matt Foster of Lodi Design and Landscape, to explore greenery perfect for those just breaking in their gardening gloves and others who are ready to make a commitment… As Matt explains, many plants perfect for the beginners’ garden can be found flourishing within street medians and boulevards. These plants are low maintenance and generally require only weekly watering’s. For those looking to invest in their garden, Matt filled us in on some very beautiful plants that require a little extra TLC. Before investing in these choices, Matt encourages the gardener to do their research! Learn about the plants you are purchasing and what they need. The most common killer among amateur gardeners is over-watering. “Nine out of ten times people wart too much, and as soon as you do, the root will begin to rot,” says Foster. I suppose one thing that we need to mention, is that all of this can begin once a garden is prepared. We’re sure Matt would agree with us on this, but you have to ensure your garden is in a state whereby you can start planting. If you have autumnal leaves covering the majority of the garden, then you’d likely need to look at sites like to find out how to safely remove them. Also, if you have dense moss or weed growth in your grass and beds, you would also likely need to remove these before planting anything else, just to ensure they grow most effectively.

1Another factor to consider when choosing a more advanced plant is the Ph level in the soil. For plants the orchids, a low Ph soil level must be maintained to receive reoccurring blossoms of this gorgeous flower. The San Joaquin area does not boast naturally acidic soil, so for those acid-loving plants, you must cater to them specifically. Matt is available for consultation, soil evaluation and treatment to get you on the right track. If you find yourself searching the online for your plants, consider contacting a specialist before deciding on you purchase. As Matt notes, “many plants found online are not conducive to the area, and it will be a struggle to keep them alive. An alternative to this is finding a symbiotic cousin to the plant you have in mind. They will often be a much better fit for you and your garden.”

Happy Planting San Joaquin!