PALS Haven opens larger facility in Lodi

A Bigger Refuge Makes a Bigger Difference

Save more cats and dogs from euthanasia—at PALS Haven, that’s the mission. The 501c3 nonprofit was founded in 2004, and has grown with multiple locations, but the newest venture is a 13,000 square foot facility seven years in the making—an upgrade from Lodi’s previous 700 square foot modular building located next to the city shelter—that opened on June 29.

The $2.5 million project (built on land donated by Sycamore Kennels) allows PALS founders—Nancy Alumbaugh and Daunis Bradshaw—and staff room to care for more dogs and cats, saving them from potential death at other rescues and shelters in the area. When it opened, the shelter quickly started filling slots. In all, there are room for 50-60 dogs (depending on size) and 100 cats. And as a no-kill shelter, animals taken in by PALS will remain there until adopted or fostered. The goal to add more residents is underway, according to General Manager Stephen Curr, but relies on ramping up staffing, including volunteers.

The facility was constructed with animals in mind. Big, modern, and beautiful with ample artwork provided by Brock Alexander and other artists, its functions are more about animal care than aesthetics. PALS Haven houses separate isolation cages for those that come to the rescue ill, a grooming area, three viewing rooms, a 500-square foot cattery where cats roam free, separate kitchens and laundry rooms for cats and dogs, and a separate kennel room for small dogs and senior dogs.

PALS works with several rescues to bring in potential pets from all over the region, including homeless animals, pregnant moms that birth adoptable puppies, animals with special dietary or other medical needs, puppies awaiting vaccinations, and pets that are the result of failed adoptions.

With more space, PALS Haven will have a bigger impact on the community pet population, and expand services to include an on-site veterinary clinic, community outreach and education center, and camps for kids.

By The Numbers
13,000 – the amount of square feet the main PALS building is

14 – the number of dog yards on site

1,350 – the amount of square feet the future vet clinic will be

$2.5 million – how much was raised and donated to complete the PALS Haven site on West Sargent Road

7 years – how long it took to complete construction

61 – the number of adoptable cats and kittens on site

22 – the number of adoptable dogs and puppies on site

14 – the number of dog yards at PALS

$0 – how much is owed on the building—PALS Haven is debt-free!

Volunteers Needed
Kids as young as 8 years old (with parental supervision) can volunteer. Call PALS to learn more.

PALS Haven
5113 W. Sargent Rd., Lodi
(209) 333-9963