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Let Artesian Natural Foods help you live a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy, clean lifestyle starts at Artesian Natural Foods not with a generic one-size-fits-all mentality, but instead with a personalized, holistic view of your unique body and circumstances. Each person has their own set of challenges and although the owner, Leslie Brennan, is technically a merchant, her goal is not to sell products. She’d rather engage with her customers and help them discover new knowledge and skills to assist them in living well.

While there are products she couldn’t live without, like L-Theanine—a supplement she refers to as a game-changer—everyone is built differently. We each have our own medical needs and history and our own healthy-living goals.  

Leslie and her dedicated staff at Artesian always start with asking the customers why they want to live “healthier,” since that term means something different to each of us. Some people are looking to reduce anxiety or to sleep better. Some people are looking to lose weight. No matter what the reason is, the employees at Artesian Natural Foods work with customers to drill down into the causes of the challenges they are facing. There is no magic-bullet, but there are products that can help to support healthier life choices regardless of circumstance.

Staff also takes it upon themselves to encourage customers to make small, manageable changes that will stick. For example, bread can be packed with flour that quickly transforms to sugar in our bodies. Instead of cutting it out or reducing the amount, simply replace it with a version made with sprouted grain. Sprouted grain bread has more protein and fiber and less carbohydrates.

Making these simple changes to healthier alternatives can lead you to physically feel better quickly, all it takes is a little hardwork and know-how.

Consider these products to get started:

Total body cleanse kit – to support all your waste-eliminating organs

L-Theanine – this is Leslie’s personal go-to because it supports the body’s natural production of serotonin and dopamine. For Leslie, it helps her focus, and it helps the body to relax. It can even promote peaceful sleep.

B Vitamins – the building blocks to a healthy body, they can support energy and cell metabolism.

Minerals like magnesium – Magnesium can help with regulating muscle and nerve function and supporting healthy blood pressure.


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