Whip It Good

Locally sourced whipped honey

Sometimes great ideas find us. For Ashley Parham, that was the case with her business The Beekeeper’s Honey, which she started in 2017. The story goes a little like this: Ashley was working at a local fruit stand when a customer asked if they sold whipped honey. Never having heard of the product, Ashley said no. Then the same thing happened again. As customers continually asked for whipped honey, Ashley got curious and did some research. “I… looked into natural ways I could flavor it to make it unique,” Ashley says. “I then started to make test batches until I found the recipe I am using today.”

So what is whipped honey? Well, it’s honey, but with a different consistency. “Whipped honey is a more enhanced version of ordinary honey. It has a smooth, creamy consistency making it easier to spread with less mess,” Ashley says. She recommends using it on pancakes and waffles or toast or even mixing it into your coffee—the opportunities are endless.

To make the product even more versatile, Ashley experiments with different flavors. In addition to original, customers can buy cinnamon, blackberry, lemon, and strawberry, all flavored with real fruit. “The benefits of whipped honey is that it has an indefinite shelf life and hold its creamy consistency,” she says.

Ashley sources her honey from Stockton by working with local beekeepers. Using local honey gives her product a lot of additional benefits for those living in San Joaquin County. That’s because honey is full of natural enzymes and antioxidants that have been shown to boost immunity. When you consume local honey, it can also help reduce seasonal allergies, which is one of the reasons keeping her products close to home is important to Ashley.

In addition to the whipped honey, Ashley also sells raw bee pollen, another product thought to reduce allergies while also offering other vitamins and nutrients to consumers. Ashley sells both products at the Lodi Farmer’s Market as well as in nearby wineries like Delicato Family Wines in Manteca, mom and pop stores such as Cheese Central in Lodi, fruit stands, and small grocery stores like The Fruit Bowl in Stockton. “We are still small but look forward to growing over the years and finding new opportunities,” Ashley says.

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