Indulge in creative waffle concoctions at America Waffles

America Waffles is known for serving up some seriously delicious food for both lunch and breakfast. With a menu full of hearty burgers, sandwiches, omelets, and more, every dish is both filling and satisfying. But the menu item that keeps us coming back is the Stockton eatery’s namesake. From delectable dessert-style options to over-the-top fruit-stacked varieties, the buttermilk waffles here are truly unlike any other in the County. Plus, Nesrin, owner of America Waffles, and her team are skilled at using waffles in inventive ways, replacing items such as burger buns with the subtly-sweet batter to make for funky meals you won’t see on every menu.

            “We offer such a wide variety of specialty waffles that you can’t get at your average breakfast restaurant,” says Nesrin. “Whether you’ve got a craving for a traditional buttermilk or candy flavored waffle, cereal waffle, bacon waffle, you name it we’ve got it!”

Nesrin’s personal favorites from the menu are some of the more indulgent options—the  banana nut waffle with halved walnuts baked right into the batter and drizzled with caramel sauce ($9.99), the s’mores waffle topped with toasted marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and a dusting of powdered sugar with graham cracker crumbles baked right in ($9.29), and the cinnamon-roll waffle complete with a homemade cinnamon roll baked into the buttermilk batter and glazed with delicious homemade icing ($9.99). Perhaps the best one, however, is the strawberry almond waffle ($9.29). “Our strawberry almond waffle is perfect for those who like a fruity, sweet-tasting waffle,” Nesrin says. “It is made with almond slices baked into the waffle mix. Then, we top the waffle off with more almonds and smother it with our sweet sliced strawberry sauce. We finish the waffle off by dusting it with powdered sugar and topping it with whipped cream.”

            The menu goes on and on with delicious descriptors from the fruity pebble waffle made with the popular kid’s cereal to the Oreo cookie waffle that is more dessert than breakfast, finished with an Oreo cookie both on top and crumbles of the favorite treat baked right into the buttermilk pancake batter ($9.29 each).

            If you crave more savory than sweet, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to skip the waffles here. One of the most popular menu items is the trendy diner’s classic chicken and waffles, a traditional buttermilk waffle heaped with four pieces of sweet, crispy chicken ($12.99). Or, the famous waffle burger, a classic cheeseburger topped with bacon and mushrooms and made with waffles instead of a bun, served lunch-style with fries or a side salad or breakfast-style with country potatoes or hash browns ($11.99). And for a big appetite, Nesrin recommends customers order their breakfast plates with sides of eggs, bacon, sausage, and homemade country potatoes.

            Serving breakfast and lunch at all hours of operation make it possible to mix and match Nesrin’s creations, from sides of eggs with the waffle burger to French fries, soup, or salads as a precursor to your over-the-top, waffle-style dessert. Plus, America Waffles knows that brunch often means a little liquor to pair with your meal. Don’t just order any alcoholic beverage to compliment your dish. Instead, really think about the pairing. Nesrin suggests the classic chicken and waffles paired with the establishment’s infamous bacon bloody Mary (yes, it’s served with bacon) or, for a fruitier blend, match the strawberry almond waffle with a pomegranate mimosa garnished with rosemary. Or, opt for coffee—America Waffles proudly brews Peet’s Coffee daily.

            After you’ve sampled your fill of waffles, don’t shy away from the rest of the menu. The steak and eggs is made using juicy Harris Ranch prime steak ($16.99), the hot and spicy burger ($9.99) is perfect for those who can take the heat, and the nutty bleu salad is an ideal light bite, made with freshly chopped green leaf, bleu cheese, Cranberry-raisins, glazed pecans, bacon, grilled chicken, and raspberry vinaigrette ($11.99). As an added bonus, the prices keep food at America Waffles accessible.

            So, step into the 1950s-style diner—complete with black and white checked floors—and bring your appetite. After all, there’s a lot to taste here!

Come Hungry:

America Waffles

1540 E. March Ln., Ste. B-5, Stockton

(209) 951-1175


Upcharges for substitutions and additions may occur

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