Bride Advice

Wedding experts dole out expert wedding planning and day-of tips

“The wedding is just one of many very special days for your marriage. Make sure that you are investing more time into planning for your marriage than the wedding.” – Sarah Correa, Fired Up Pizza

“Make sure to smile all the way down the aisle.” – Lori Makabe, Lori Makabe Photography

“If you have to select what to spend the most money on, start with the items that are most important to you first. Then, spend the remainder of your budget on those other items of less personal importance.” Lori Phillips, Bare Ranch by Michael David Winery

“The first step in wedding planning is establishing your budget and priorities list. Without these, you run risk of spending money on items and things that you do not want or need, and you always want to be sure to focus your funds on services, not things.” – Lori Cole, Lori Cole Events

“Take your time and enjoy your wedding planning process. When the big day comes take a deep breath and savor every moment with your new husband and loved ones. If something doesn’t go exactly as planned trust your wedding professionals to get things back on track.” – Shawna Briggs, Briggs Photography

“I always tell my brides not to be afraid to ask questions. Most of them have never been married or had a wedding before and don’t know what to expect. It is perfectly fine to ask for guidance and assistance.” – Katie Fehn, Stockton Golf & Country Club

“It is essential that you make time to meet in person with all of your vendors.” – Sarah Correa, Fired Up Pizza

“If you want to incorporate lighting on your big day, know the wattage and amps you are dealing with to avoid disaster.” – Kyle May, K&T Lights

“A lot of brides think that hiring a wedding planner or wedding-day coordinator is a luxury that they cannot afford, but it is not necessarily true. Most planners offer free consultations to talk about how they can help you.” – Lori Cole, Lori Cole Events

“It’s important to know what questions to ask vendors. Attend our free, annual wedding 101 course on March 12, 2020 to learn the ins and outs of wedding planning and what questions to ask.” Jan Wammack, Morris Chapel

 “When looking for a venue, have a few dates in mind. Being open to Fridays or Sundays can help you save money.” –Rachelle Faught, San Joaquin County Parks

“Make sure that you are comfortable walking in your ceremony shoes or have another pair handy to move around the property for post ceremony photos.” – Lori Makabe, Lori Makabe Photography