Will you be My…

Asking your bridesmaids to be apart of your big day can be yet another fun and creative aspect of planning your wedding. Regardless of your budget, you can make your invite as special as your upcoming plans. After all, these girls will be by your side for one of life’s biggest moments. Let them know how special they are, and how important their presence is to you. Encapsulate your personality, relationship, or theme into your invites- adding an extra special touch to the experience that is your wedding!Here are a few idea guidelines, but we encourage you to de-stress with these simple, creative projects, making them all your own!



  • Small cardboard boxes with removable lids
  • Satin ribbon in wedding colors
  • Parchment or thick paper
  • Construction paper matching your colors
  • Glue gun
  • Small wooden clips
  • Markers

Get creative with this fun idea! You can easily add accents that pertain to your wedding theme or colors. First, line the lid of your box with a satin strip, applied with a glue gun. Next, choose a shape for the construction paper that will top your box lid. Once the shape is cut, write your bridesmaids name on the cut-out. Use the wooden clip to hold the cut out, and glue the clip to the top of the box lid. Let those elements dry while you work on your message. Grab your parchment or thick paper, and fold the paper in 5th’s like an accordion. Hold your folded paper against your box and cut to size, allowing the paper to ?t inside and box and expand when opened. Write your message on the paper, and glue the top of message to the inside of the box lid, and the bottom of the message to the bottom of the box. Allow to dry before opening!



  • Bottles of wine
  • Gummed paper or peel and stick labels
  • Markers or a printer
  • Bow fabric

This option possesses a lot of freedom! You can choose your message, your paper, and your design. Print labels from your computer using photos of your friends, or craft and decorate your own labels with fun markers and glitter. Tie your bottle with a bow, and you’re good to go!



  • Jewelry boxes
  • Necklaces
  • Parchment paper
  • Hole punch

Deciding on the necklaces will be the most time consuming part of this invitation. You can choose to keep it simple with costume jewelery, or ?ll the box with a quality piece your besties can enjoy for years, something personal perhaps like a name necklace, or a Collier Personnalisé as the call it in French. Cut the parchment paper to size, dependant on the jewelry box you choose. Choose your message, write it on the sized parchment, and use a hole puncher to make two holes (one at the top left corner and one at the right.) Feed your necklace through the holes and adjust so it falls where you wish. Place your parchment in your box and there you have it!