Health looks different this year

Health looks different this year

Balance for mental health, flexible fitness routines, and less drinking? What does wellness mean in 2021? When the world as we knew it flipped on its head caused by the pandemic, people were facing situations they’d never seen before. While a new sense of normal seems to be coming, certain implications on wellness are here to stay.


Jackie Keigley, fitness and group exercise director at Twin Arbors Sports Club in Lodi, shared this great piece of advice: “COVID-19 has forced people to slow down and evaluate their hustle lifestyle. Take advantage of this life lesson and continue to apply it.” That means looking for balance in your lifestyle, by emphasizing mental and physical health and making it a habit to exercise and be active every day.

Flexible fitness

Many gyms are going to continue to offer virtual versions of classes to participants who either feel more comfortable at home or who can’t find the time to commute in for a workout. “We have a library full of online classes that were filmed at the club for our members to refer to at their convenience. They appreciated being able to go back and take their favorite classes, rather than the ‘live’ class option that disappears as soon as the class is over. Members are loving this option for when they can’t make it to their favorite in-person class or while on vacation,” Jackie says. However, gyms are reopening and can be a great resource for people. Individuals who might have lost touch of their own health and wellness are able to get back into the gym routine and make time for themselves. Jackie elaborates, “Being around like-minded individuals plays a huge part in staying motivated and consistent. Members have commented that they did not work out as hard or as thorough at home and appreciate once again having access to the entire club to get back to feeling their best.”

Moderate drinking

Many people took to drinking more than normal during the pandemic, indulging more often than they had before. With every action comes an equal and opposite reaction and we’re now seeing nonalcoholic beverages, specifically zero-proof beverages, rise in sales as people are exploring sobriety and moderation in a way they haven’t for years. In fact, it’s even becoming trendy to swap out a few alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic or zero-proof counterparts.