How to Host a Brown Bag Blind Tasting

By Suzanne Ledbetter

brown bag blind tasting

Looking for a fun twist on your next dinner or cocktail party? Consider throwing a brown bag wine tasting to get the competitive juices flowing among friends. It’s simple, and guaranteed to surprise both your well-versed wine aficionado, and your friend who loves a good box wine.

Only a few things are needed to get this party started! First, pick your tasting’s specific varietal. Ask everyone to supply two bottles of the same wine. You might choose a Zinfandel, or maybe a Grenache. Whatever you choose will be great! Set a price minimum of $10 and invite no more than 12 people.

Print out tasting notes, voting cards, and bottle numbers. You can get fancy and download a printable from Pinterest, or simply make homemade tags. Buy some brown bags—they are kind of an essential part of the deal here! And, be sure to have plenty of glassware, wine openers, and dump buckets.

Set out some bites like a cheese and meat platter. Remove the foil from the top and neck of the bottles to avoid the overly competitive and observant guest from getting a leg up on the competition.

The scoring is simple: three points for the first place wine, two points for second, and one point for third place. The wine with the most points wins, and the guest who brought the winning bottle gets to take home the remaining 12 bottles set aside from the beginning of the game.

At the end of the night you will have a whole new appreciation for your five senses and for your friends’ choice in wine. And one of your friends will boast brown bag bragging rights!

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